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subscribers of MGTS

Have chosen More half of subscribers of MGTS are not going to refuse the fixed tariff for local calls. Such data was received by analysts IAA Sotovik during research. By their calculations to keep the incomes at former level, MGTS it is necessary to achieve increase of the fixed monthly fee at least to 325 rbl.

this week Federal Agency of tariffs (FST) should give out to local communications service providers new tariff plans. Besides remaining possibility to pay intracity negotiations on the fixed tariff subscribers can choose completely time wage, and also combined the variant providing purchase of certain quantity of prepaid minutes. According to interrogated daily analysts, operators will have time to enter new tariffs in November.

IAA Sotovik Has interviewed among subscribers of MGTS on purpose to find out readiness for transition to new conditions of tariffing. To respondents the question on was asked, whether they are ready to pay calls with city on city phone constantly. During poll it was found out that the most part of subscribers supports preservation of an operating principle of tariffing: on the tariff with the fixed size of a monthly fee intend to remain 61 % interrogated. 7 % of respondents were not defined yet in a choice between fixed and time in the ways of tariffing. 32 % interrogated are ready to pay for intracity communication temporarily.

MGTS it is necessary to achieve increase of the fixed licence fee at least to 325 rbl. to keep incomes at former level. And passed on povremenku subscribers will form additional incomes of the company. However I consider that FST will not allow to raise tariffs at once on 60 %, after all till now MGTS was possible to raise them in steps maximum on 20 %. Means, it is possible to expect that new tariffs for limitless communication will make 250 - 300 rbl. a month. It is no wonder that the essential number of subscribers is not going to refuse the fixed form of payment - Sergey Koljada, editor-in-chief IAA " speaks; Sotovik .

Nadezhda Golubeva from ATONa it is assured that for the inter-regional companies of communication (MRK) reform of tariffs - very good news. with new tariffs it is possible to expect increase of the effective prices for a telecommunication service on 20 - 30 %, - she considers. - changes will mention also gain structure. The basic gain of the company will receive from local communication .

Preparation of operators to povremenke has cost a pretty penny. According to the head of analytical direction FK URALSIB Konstantin Tchernyshev, the project on introduction billingovoj systems Amdocs has managed to daughters Svyazinvest in some hundreds millions dollars. As a whole operators are ready to enter new tariffs: billingovye systems are ready to eat, maybe, some complexities in the remote countryside - he believes.

consumers count the money and want to receive for them a maximum. All will depend on, whether will overcome tariffs for limitless communication a psychological barrier. So, Internet users not especially favoured the limitless tariff plans offered when - that operators for the high price. The same model of behaviour most likely will be characteristic and for the fixed telephony. If the price seems to the subscriber too high, it will pass on povremenku or cellular communication. Introduction of new tariffs even more will aggravate a competition between mobile communication and a traditional telephony - Tatyana Tolmachyov, an analyst iKS - Consulting results counterarguments.