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KazMunajGaz the Company invests to Russia

searches for new deposits

As it became known daily, the Kazakh company KazMunajGaz (KMG) intend to direct nearby 1 mlrd dollars on acquisition of deposits to Russia. Analysts consider that without support of large holdings to it not to manage.

KMG intend to direct on the investment into Russia not less than half involved during IPO RD KMG of means - all hardly more than 1 mlrd dollars, have informed at once some sources in the market. However work KMG can only in a consortium with the Russian companies with which already conducts cooperation on a number of projects, - Rosneft LUKOIL and Gazprom .

In a press - service RD KMG did not begin to make comments daily on the given information, however earlier the president of company Askar Balzhanov declared that involved from IPO means will be used On financing of the further growth and company development . So, RD KMG is going to increase resource base considerably. at us more than 1,5 mlrd barr. Taken stocks. If to divide into Uzensky and Embinsky branches on Uzensky - where - that for 25 years will suffice us extraction, on Embinsky - on 18 - 19 years - declared earlier g - n Balzhanov.

it is necessary to notice that KMG till the end of the year should receive 50 - a percentage share in agreements on production section (SRP) in two projects on Northern Caspian sea - deposits Hvalynsky and Central. Moscow and Astana in 2002 have divided three disputable, but the extremely perspective hydrocarbonic site on Northern Caspian sea. Under the agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan from 1998 and to the report to it from May, 13th, 2002 structure Kurmangazy (total stocks of oil make 980 thousand) falls under jurisdiction of Kazakhstan, and Hvalynsky (250 thousand) and Central (350 thousand) deposit get to Russia.

On the first teamwork on the terms of SRP is conducted with Rosneft on two another the contract about SRP is not signed yet. On Hvalynsky extraction should be conducted on an equal footing between KMG and LUKOIL, and on Central from the Kazakh party the state company " participates; Kazakhoil ( a daughter KMG - 50 %), with Russian - LUKOIL (25 %) and Gazprom (25 %). We do not see today the reasons for a delay, in the autumn we will receive all documents which will allow us with KMG to realise joint projects - the president of LUKOIL Vahid Alakbarov declared in the spring of 2006. On Hvalynsky and Central deposits preparation of FEASIBILITY REPORT SRP which should be finished in 2007 and 2006 accordingly is conducted.

in the Russian oil and gas companies daily did not begin to make comments on cooperation with KMG on other deposits in territory of the Russian Federation. In particular, in LUKOIL daily have informed that work with KMG Only under projects in Kazakhstan . In a press - service Rosneft have made the similar statement. To receive the comment in Gazprom it was not possible.

Andrey Gromadin from MDM - Bank considers that KMG it would be most favourable to achieve the prompt signing of documents on SRP in the Russian sector of Northern Caspian sea. at KMG there is no logistics in Russia - the analyst speaks. Therefore from the point of view of remoteness from the basic resource base these projects perspektivnee only. The source daily in the market says that for loyalty of the Russian companies and access to the Russian hydrocarbonic resources KMG kept away from Kazakhstan will be compelled to carry out co-ordinated with Russia price to the policy on gas deliveries to China. in this area position KMG sometimes runs counter to principles Gazprom - he confirms.


KazMunajGaz (KMG) in the beginning of October has spent IPO the largest Daughters Investigation Extraction KazMunajGaz (RD KMG) at the London and Kazakh stock exchanges. As a result it has been obtained nearby 2,3 mdrd dollars of All 40 % of shares of company have been placed, market capitalisation of RD KMG has made 6,2 mlrd dollars the Basic investors various pension funds have acted. RD KMG takes the third place on volumes of extraction among the oil-extracting companies in Kazakhstan. KMG - vertically integrated oil and gas company with 100 - percentage participation of the state.