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Mitvol undertook LUKOIL

the Company can lose 20 licences for bowels in Komi and HMAO

LUKOIL is threatened with a response of 20 licences on nedropolzovanie in Republic Komi and Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region (HMAO), have informed daily in Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources. Rosprirodnazor during checks has revealed infringement by the company of terms of work on licence sites, and visited from inspections in Komi zamglavy Rosprirodnadzora Oleg Mitvol has convicted LUKOIL affiliated companies of illegal cutting down of woods from state fund and oil floods that threatens the company with sanctions from penalties before criminal cases.

Rosprirodnadzor declares that the response threatens licences for investigation and extraction of hydrocarbons for 12 sites of Republic Komi - East - Masterelsky, Vozejsky, Southern - Vozejsky, Southern - Usinsk, Verhnevozejsky, Suborsk, Lekkersky, the Tabliksky area, a deposit the Denisovsky hollow, and also on three deposits of the Usinsk site of bowels. The same destiny waits for the licence for eight deposits daughters LUKOIL - Hantymansijskneftegazgeologija and Nazymgeodobycha in HMAO. It is Central, Galjanovsky, Big, April, Olhovsky, Sredne - Nazymsky, Stone and Potanaj - Kartopinsky sites of bowels.

the majority of claims, by words a press - the secretary of MPR Rinata Gizatulina, is connected with absence of seismic works, with backlog in the schedule of drilling of chinks, with infringements of rules of the statement of the design documentation from LUKOIL. Still the company accuse of infringement of the nature protection legislation. So, on the deposits bought by it in Komi LUKOIL was obliged rekultivirovat the earths which have suffered from floods of oil in 1994, however, according to representative MPR, these conditions are not executed.

Rinat Gizatulin has informed daily that during inspection of the assistant to head Rosprirodnadzora Oleg Mitvolja information earlier transferred by ecologists Greenpeace on floods of oil and illegal cutting down of woods in an area of 100 km in a zone of works of LUKOIL has proved to be true. Representative MPR has added that air photography of the polluted sites of woods of Usinsk area is already directed on decoding to Moscow, after the information analysis is planned to estimate a damage from these infringements. And already now on places are brought administrative actions. G - n Gizatulin has not excluded possibility of a suspension of activity of those affiliated companies of LUKOIL which are noticed in infringement of the nature protection legislation. Lawyers are perplexed: at MPR there is no right to close joint-stock companies, officials could try to make it through court, however issue of a suit it seems to them doubtful.

Albert Eganjan, the operating partner of the legal company Vegas - Leks Reminds that for infringement of the nature protection legislation of the company penalties or criminal prosecution of some its officials if it will be proved can threaten that they made orders on the work, polluting environment. Also licence withdrawal on nedropolzovanie is not excluded. Thus it reminds that for similar infringements a management Tomskneft and Saratovneftegaza has got off with penalties and conditional term, licences at nedropolzovatelej have not been withdrawn.

in LUKOIL daily have informed that else in August have received from Rosnedr of the instruction on elimination of infringements of the law About bowels on five sites in Komi and several sites in HMAO also hope in time to eliminate all remarks. On it at the company remains only four months. Making comments on this statement, Rinat Gizatullin has noticed daily that during winter time LUKOIL is hardly capable to execute necessary instructions. Therefore the probability of a response of these licences at the company in the spring of 2007 " is great; - he considers.

Dmitry Dolgov, a press - the secretary of LUKOIL, has informed that instructions on licence withdrawal from - for infringements of the nature protection legislation in the company yet did not receive. He has underlined that the result of check of Rosprirodnadzora still will need to be documented. licences in one day will not respond. We have time for negotiating with MPR - Dmitry Dolgov has explained and has added that for 15 years of work at the company have not withdrawn any licence. Leonid Fedun, the vice-president of LUKOIL, making comments on licence withdrawal from the company in Komi, has informed that intend to study attentively all materials which will be given the company, and to take the maximum measures on damage minimisation .

the Principal cause on which prospecting and chisel works are late, in LUKOIL name difficult working conditions in northern widths. Oil industry workers can effectively conduct investigation and drilling only during the winter period, thus, real period of validity of prospecting licences is reduced from five to two and a half years. We simply have not time to make everything that has been declared in the conditions of licence agreements - Dmitry Dolgov explains. Representatives of LUKOIL are going to sit down shortly for a negotiating table with officials from profile departments to discuss conditions of prolongation of periods of validity of prospecting licences or partial revision of their conditions.

meanwhile Oleg Mitvol reminds that in case of licence withdrawal auctions on their sale to new proprietors who as the official hopes, make active working out of deposits will be organised. The source daily in one of the oil companies of Komi reminds that near to LUKOIL deposits in republic works Rosneft . He believes that in case of sale of the withdrawn licences at it the greatest chances to become their new owner.

Sergey Pravosudov, the head of Institute of national power, does not exclude that LUKOIL licences can be withdrawn, as the scale of infringements is serious enough. Analyst IFK Solid Denis Borisov estimates a probable damage of LUKOIL from licence withdrawal in HMAO in 857 million dollars, their acquisition by the company at Marathon Oil so much costed.