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Gutseriev will fill Orenburzhye

RussNeft carries on negotiations for purchase of networks of the gas station in region

As it became known daily, RussNeft carries on negotiations in the Orenburg region for purchase of a network of the gas station at independent manufacturers. In the company this information yet do not confirm, however it is not excluded that the transaction it will be already declared on November, 21st within the limits of carrying out of extraordinary meeting of its shareholders daughters - Open Society Orenburgnefteprodukt .

Open Society Orenburgnefteprodukt is the largest supplier of fuel in the Orenburg region. It unites a network from 101 gas stations and 37 tank farms. By quantity of the gas station Orenburgnefteprodukt occupies 38 % of the retail market of Orenburzhye. The company has been got RussNeftju in 2005 at the multinational corporation - BP along with such actives, as Saratovneftegaz Orsknefteorgsintez and Petrocreamery . A share of actions RussNefti in Orenburgnefteprodukte makes 98,03 %.

Andrey Ripov, the deputy director of Open Company Petrol - Service owning a network of the gas station from eight refuellings and several sites under gas station fine tuning, has informed on the fact of negotiating with representatives RussNefti about possible sale of the company. As he said, the party yet do not send to the agreement on price parametres. One more source in the oil market of region has assumed that speech can go about purchase of one more independent retail seller of gasoline - the companies the Power complex of Ural Mountains 25 refuellings owning approximately both operating, and not completed. However he has specified that one more large player of the regional market of the gas station is interested in purchase of this active - LUKOIL. The source considers that negotiations RussNefti with Petrol - Service Acquisitions of all company, and ten sites under construction of the new gas stations, which " can concern not; Petrol earlier has got at company Urals - Service.

Alexander Poljakov, the head of the Orenburg regional fuel union has estimated cost of actives Petrol - Service in 15 million dollars, and sites under the gas stations belonging before company Urals, in 6 million dollars

Andrey Brosman, the deputy director Orenburgnefteprodukta has told daily that any large purchases of the gas station in region RussNeft yet did not make. It has explained that negotiations about possible acquisitions in the market of refuellings are conducted, however before their end to make comments on possible results early. G - n Brosman has added that in region the competition is strong enough, in particular, a number of independent players in the market of autorefuellings is interested to get LUKOIL, however players yet do not give the consent. business, most likely, not only in the price - he assumes. In LUKOIL do not deny negotiating on possible purchase of the gas station in region, however do not specify, about what concrete actives there is a speech.

head of department FAS on control and supervision in toplivno - a power complex Alexander Pirozhenko has explained daily that before approval of similar large transactions of the company it is necessary to obtain the permit of antimonopoly bodies, for which RussNeft in department did not address yet.

Andrey Brosman has told that RussNeft in the Orenburg region intend to concentrate in immediate prospects on modernisation of own refuellings and to spend their rebrending, and also to advance oils and the packed up oil products under own trade mark.

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