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Gazprom there was on a shelf

a Monopoly has obtained licences for investigation and gas production in Kara sea

On Friday it became known that Gazprom has obtained licences for investigation and extraction of hydrocarbons for gas deposits Obsky and Kamennomyssky - the sea in water area of gulf of Ob of Kara sea. According to experts, the company should carry out investments into them dorazvedku, and industrial working out of a shelf of Kara sea will be possible only after the system will be entered strategically by more important deposits Gazprom .

Both deposits have been opened a daughter Gazprom Open Company Gazflot still three years ago. Total taken stocks of these deposits make from above 1 trln cubic m of gas. Additional investments are estimated by the company around 500 mlrd rbl. However experts assured that further this figure can be seriously reconsidered.

It is a question of the licence for investigation and extraction, how many there gas - still it is necessary dorazvedat - the analyst of YOKES " has told daily; Antanta the Capital Alexander Blohin. the Volume of investments in direct ratio depends on stocks of deposits, - analyst IK " speaks; Sovlink Nikolay Saperov. - additional researches which will show are necessary that there it is possible to extract and how many it is necessary to invest .

However experts consider that while for Gazprom there are more priority objects for investments. According to leading analyst GK Region Vitaly Vajsberga, the major shelf project for the company is Shtokman. Gazprom will test technology of working out of deposits on a shelf on it - he believes. And Alexander Blohin considers that a priority for Gazprom the Bovanenkovsky deposit where there are all forces and means now is. Development of other deposits will begin not earlier than 2011 - the analyst considers.

further gas from a shelf of Kara sea Gazprom can direct to an export pipe, observers speak. According to Alexander Blohina, the obvious buyer of shelf gas are the USA where demand on szhizhennyj gas continues to grow. However gas can go and to the Western Europe on the main pipeline going from continental deposits located nearby.

but definitive definition of the buyer depends including on political factors, - marks g - n Blohin. - it is necessary to remember recent history with Shtokmanom, when Gazprom not only has deprived the foreign companies of possibility of participation in the project in the rank of partners, but has decided to sell a gas part not in the USA as it was supposed earlier, and to Europe - he has added.


In 2005 the government of the Russian Federation has confirmed position about consideration of demands for reception of the right of use by bowels at an establishment of the fact of opening of a mineral deposit the user of the bowels which have spent works on geological studying of sites of bowels of internal sea waters, the territorial sea and a continental shelf of the Russian Federation at the expense of own means. The first licence which has been given out nedropolzovatelju - to an opener on the basis of this order, became given to Gazprom in the end of 2005 the licence for the right of use of the Dolginsky oil deposit located on a shelf of the Pechora sea.