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EU under the threat

Explosion of a demographic mine of the slowed down action

In the report of Eurocommission published in the end of last week (EK) the Demographic future of Europe - from a call to possibilities EU administration suggests to take within ten next years measures for struggle against negative consequences of ageing of the population and reduction of number of labour. Otherwise the European Union country is expected by a heavy economic crisis in connection with pension explosion .

According to last published data of statistical agency Eurostat, in 2005 75 million Europeans (17 % from all population of EU) were more senior 65 years. Germany and Italy from 19 % of the elderly population, and also Greece - 18 %, Ireland - 11 %, Cyprus and Slovakia - on 12 % accordingly became the countries - champions on number of inhabitants of pension age. Experts Eurostat have calculated that by 2050 at least 135 million citizens of the European Union will be people of pension age. Their share from all European population will make an order of 30 %.

the Similar situation will cause an array of problems with pension payments and financing of services of public health services. According to EK, in 2005 26,7 % of working inhabitants of EU people 60 - 64 years whereas the share of aged workers 65 - has reached 69 years 8,7 % made. Eurocommissioners believe that by 2030 able-bodied population 15 - 64 years will be reduced to 20 million persons. if the majority of the European countries does not undertake serious measures to neutralise a pension time bomb it remains in the inheritance to our children - the commissioner of EU on economic and monetary questions Hoakin Almunija has declared last week in Bruxelles.

In the Eurocommission report on a demographic situation the anti-recessionary concept which includes five warning measures is offered. In particular, it is offered to create favorable conditions for birth rate growth, having given to young parents possibility to combine care of the child with career. However, experts concern it sceptically: already today the similar measure is not effective. now the situation will be not not rescued by birth rate increase. Late to struggle with consequences European bebi - boom 1960 - h years, after all this generation will retire approximately in 2020 that becomes blow on public health services and pension system - the expert of the Center of researches of the European policy of Juraj Draksler has told daily. Anti-recessionary concept EK specifies in necessity of increase of efficiency of work, including the aged population. For this purpose, according to experts EK, It is necessary to estimate objectively work of the employee without dependence from age . the Unique exit - stable increase of efficiency of work that will demand the big investments in working out of new technologies - believes g - n Draksler. Experts notice that two major conditions of increase of efficiency - the newest scientific workings out and effective social programs. Eurocommissioners plan to finish a share of investments on working out of high technologies to 3 % from gross national product, today EU spends only 1,86 % from gross national product for research and development.

it is necessary to take for financing of scientific researches and social programs of EU quickly measures on deficiency and state debt reduction. According to Hoakina Almunii, it is necessary for members of the European Union to lower deficiency of EU with 2 to 1,5 %, and also to reduce a public debt. Today on the average in the European Union countries the state debt makes 63 % from gross national product, by calculations EK, by 2050 it will reach 200 %.