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The new shareholder of Gazprombank

the Pension fund Gazprom can receive about 33 % of actions of bank

Yesterday it became known that till the end of current year the Gazprombank plans to place dopemissiju actions for the sum 6,665 mlrd rbl. on the closed subscription in favour of not state pension fund (NPF) Gazfond . According to experts, having entered into structure of shareholders own pension fund, the Gazprombank will kill two hares, considerably having raised own capital and having given possibility to the NPF as to the shareholder further to involve considerable means on IPO.

the Decision on carrying out dopemissii actions and increase in an authorised capital stock of Gazprombank with 6,665 mlrd to 19,997 mlrd rbl. was accepted meeting of its shareholders.

yesterday the representative of Gazprombank has noticed that all necessary documents for carrying out dopemissii actions are already prepared, but on registration to the Central Bank did not go yet. Dopemissija it will be placed on the closed subscription in favour of not state pension fund (NPF) Gazfond . In bank the fact of increase in an authorised capital stock confirm, however the information that almost 33 % of actions of Gazprombank can be transferred Gazfondu do not make comments.

board of directors Gazprom Gazprombank being the basic shareholder, yet has not approved placing dopemissii bank actions. Besides, NPF Gazfond should obtain the permit to the transaction from Federal antimonopoly service. Yesterday in conversation with daily deputy head FAS Andrey Kashevarov has declared that Gazfond already has addressed en face with the request to approve the transaction about occurrence in the Gazprombank capital. at the moment the decision on this point in question is not accepted, the reference is considered - Andrey Kashevarov has noted.

After placing dopemissii as Alexander Sobol has informed yesterday zampredpravlenija Gazprombank, the beginning of transformation of Gazprombank from Joint-Stock Company in Open Society is provided. transformation of Gazprombank from the closed joint-stock company in open is necessary for carrying out IPO - has explained g - n the Sable.

according to participants of the market, Gazprombank intention to enter into the capital NPF Gazfond quite logically. if the Gazprombank goes on IPO, affilirovannyj with Gazprom a pension fund as the shareholder will earn additional means - the senior analyst IK " has explained daily; ATON Rustam Botashev. And zampredpravlenija Moskommertsbanka Ashat Sagdiev considers that occurrence Gazfonda in structure of shareholders of Gazprombank considerably will raise own capital of bank: the Gazprombank Capital low enough. At the expense of actives Gazfonda the bank can improve the specifications .


the Gazprombank has been formed in 1990. The basic shareholders of Gazprombank are Gazprom (87,49 %) and 100 - percentage a daughter Open Company Gazprombank New financial technologies (12,51 %). For today the bank authorised capital stock makes 13,33 mlrd rbl. For July, 1st, 2006 bank actives made 523 mlrd rbl., own capital - 57,3 mlrd rbl.