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Russia will strike to gas to Israel

the Sacred earth becomes completely dependent on the Russian power deliveries

On Tuesday two-day visit of premieres - the minister of Israel will begin Ehuda Olmerta to Moscow where it will meet the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov, Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrovym and, probably, with premieres - minister Michael Fradkov. Negotiations will concern nuclear cooperation of Russia and Iran, and also sanctions against Teheran. Russia hopes for cooperation expansion in gas sphere, and also on simplification of a visa regime between two countries.

Russia and Israel underline the big economic potential of mutual relations. « at present, by various estimations, not including processings of diamonds, purchases of oil and military - technical cooperation, goods turnover makes from 1 mlrd to 1,5 mlrd dollars And if to add other components, the indicator will pass for some billions. Cooperation between our countries develops very quickly in those spheres, where at us advantage before competitors, - in telecommunications, high technologies » - the ambassador of Israel in Russia has noted in interview daily Arkadi of Mylae - Man.

However, for Moscow the major question in the agenda - power cooperation. « during a meeting of Ehuda Olmerta and Vladimir Putin economic problems - deliveries of energy carriers will be mentioned. The Russian oil flows to Israel from the middle 90 - h years, and prospect for expansion of purchases of the Russian fuel favorable. Both parties are interested in it » - the president of Institute of the Near East Evgenie Satanovsky has told in conversation with daily. Today Russia provides the lion`s share of all oil consumed in Israel, by different estimations of an order 50 - 60 %.

It will be a question and about natural gas - Israel plans to increase its share in development of the electric power to 29 %, by 2010 the requirement for gas will make 4,5 mlrd cubic metre annually. Russia and Israel carry on negotiations for building « Gazprom » the main gas pipeline « the Blue stream - 2 » throughput 2,5 mlrd cubic metre a year within the limits of a uniform power corridor Turkey - Israel in the extent to 1000 km. The Israeli party demands from « Gazprom » the fixed price for blue fuel for five - seven years. Last discussion of building of a gas highway has taken place in May.

Besides a gas question the Russian side hopes to concern simplification of a visa regime between two countries. About interest of Moscow to simplify entrance to Israel the Russian tourists the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Russia Alexander Saltanov has declared last week. Experts notice that Israel, most likely, will meet the Russian side. For advertising and PR - the companies in the Russian market of rest « in the Sacred earth » the tourism ministry plans to allocate in the near future from 300 thousand to 450 thousand dollars In 2006 Israel planned to receive 120 thousand visitors from Russia, however the Lebanese war has strongly struck on tourism. « simplification of registration of visas important not only from - for tourism. It is necessary for the majority of the population of large Israeli megacities, that is to immigrants from Russia » - marks g - n Satanovsky.

nuclear cooperation of Russia and Iran, and also introduction of sanctions against Islamic Republic becomes One of points of summit talks. According to Arkadi of Mylae - Mana, activity of Russia in the Near East is perceived in Israel positively. « Russia - one of the main participants « a quartet » The constant councillor of Safety of the United Nations, the co-chairman of peace process. At Russia serious positions and influence in the Arabian world and good relations with Israel. We welcome any steps which are done by Russia, directed on a conclusion of a Near-Eastern situation of deadlock in which we are » - has noted g - n the ambassador.


threatens the President of Israel prison

Yesterday has received continuation scandal round the president of Israel Moshe Katsav. As has reported ITAR - TASS, the head of the state has declared that will resign, if charges against it are transferred in court. The legal adviser of government Meni Mazuz by results of the police investigation finished past Sunday should accept the decision on judicial examination excitation. Moshe Katsav accuse of sexual harassments to two employees, and also illegal listening of phones and attempt to put pressure upon the witness during police investigation. In Office of Public Prosecutor have underlined that resignation will not release the head of the state from a possible criminal liability.

Moshe Katsav considers itself innocent and declares that became a victim of plot. According to its assistants, the president intends to use the right to preliminary hearing prior to the beginning of proceeding. A number of deputies already prepare offers to begin procedure of discharge of Katsava from a post as only the parliament can deprive of its power.