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Americans steal up to the Russian aircraft

Cςπσκςσπΰ Bank of America One of leaders in the world of the leasing companies is going to be engaged in leasing in Russia

- Montrose Global Capital LLP already in the near future plans to enter the Russian market. Here its interests will be represented by the company “ MGF - the CIS Limited “ which first of all stakes on satisfaction of growing inquiries of the Russian airlines. However, experts notice that Montrose it will be difficult enough to catch clients from among leading airlines.

the circle of potential Russian clients Montrose Global Capital LLP is wide enough.

as they say in presentation of this company (it is available on hand daily), projects on which Montrose can give financing, should correspond to following criteria. The minimum volume of the financing involved for the project, - 50 million dollars (But the given restriction is not applied on leasing of planes and sea-crafts). Term of return of means - 5 - 7 years (on leasing of planes - till 12 years). Besides, the borrower should confirm raw materials deliveries (for industrial projects) and finished goods sale.

however, on - visible, the company intends to make the main rate on avialeasing as in this sphere at Montrose Global Capital considerable experience is stored. In the same presentation of the company it is noticed that the company has at present transferred in leasing of 100 planes to 26 airlines, among which Air Canada (twelve DC - 8), Air France (nine planes), British Airways (three A - 320 - 111 and six planes of other marks). “ We are engaged in leasing both corporate planes, and liners for the main lines. Now the company studies contracts on planes Boeing 737, 747, 777, Bombardier and And - 320 “ - the general director " tells daily; MGF - the CIS Limited “ J. D.Allen. He notices that they already have a certain experience of work in Russia, however to specify details it has refused. “ we refinansiruem some Russian leasing companies “ - explains J. D.Allen.

the Russian market is interesting to that airlines began to buy more and more import planes, marks J. D.Allen. However, as he said, the big investments are expected and in aeroport business. “ it both technics leasing, and direct sales. Besides it we are engaged in the equipment for the airports at their modernisation “ - it summarises.

now in the world the large leasing companies into which number enter GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS) and Montrose Global Capital LLP work some. For the Russian leasing companies the fact of arrival of the foreign competitor could not pass not noticed. However participants of the market assume that the basic business Montrose will be under construction from - for a boundary. “ It is more convenient to operate with planes from - for a boundary, - the assistant to the general director on economy " speaks daily; Ilyushin Finans Ko. “ (IFK) Nikolay Dadonov. - If to pay all taxes and duties to carry out leasing activity in Russia at anybody there will be no desire “. Besides, as he said, registration in Russia will lead to payment of all Russian taxes (for example on property).

However, potential clients while frostily make comments on arrival Montrose Global Capital. Cooperation is more interesting to airlines with is export - import banks which carry out support to export operations at sale of planes, the assistant to the general director under the finance and planning " considers; Aeroflot “ Michael Polubojarinov. “ Such support of the American goods does Export - Import Bank (Ex - Im Bank). Theoretically it would be interesting to us " more; - Michael Polubojarinov speaks daily. However, as it became known daily, “ MGF - the CIS Limited “ has already made attempt to finance the transaction on updating of park of aircrafts with a leading Russian carrier “ Aeroflot “. As tell sources in branch, while negotiations with “ Aeroflot “ have come to the end with nothing. However, “ Aeroflot “ and so has no problems with financing, therefore Montrose will be guided, most likely, by other small aviation companies, marks a source daily.


Montrose Global Capital LLP (the head office is in London) - the private company, on 75 % belonging Bank of America which is not operating shareholder. Russian “ MGF - the CIS Limited “ is exclusive representative Montrose Global Capital LLP in Russia and the CIS countries. The company specialises on management and trade in actives, and also leasing of the basic means. For today under control of Montrose Global Capital LLP there are actives a total sum nearby 9 mlrd dollars, from them nearby 4 mlrd dollars have on aircrafts of a different class, among which Boeing 747 and Boeing 737.