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My wild beasts

On screens leave vysokobjudzhetnyj an animation film a hunting Season

next week in the Russian hire there will be an expensive cartoon film a hunting Season which have sounded Feodor Bondarchuk and Michael Bojarsky. The picture budget has made 85 million dollars that exceeds expenses on oskaronosnogo SHreka on 25 million dollars Apparently, studio Sony Pictures Animation has decided not to save on own debut in full-length animation cinema.

loudly to declare itself, Sony Pictures Animation has invited for work over a hunting Season professionals, whose names well-known in the world of animation cinema. Roger Allers, on which to the account the well-known cartoon film " became the director of a film; the King the Lion won Oscar . In quality sorezhissera Dzhill Kalton who has thought up in due time characters " has acted; Corporations of monsters Also took part in creation Adventures of Flika and Stories of toys . Its works also have been nominated on Oscar . In assistants to Kalton and Ellersu have sent Anthony Stakki, the debutant in a director`s armchair, in whose track record there is an animation of visual effects in a film the Ghost with Patrick Suejzi. Together they have embodied on the screen history how nice animals have rejected pressure of spiteful hunters.

on a plot a hunting Season the good-natured grizzly by name of Bug lives in garage at the girl - huntsman Bet. It has picked up a bear, when it was absolutely krohoj, and now cares for it and cherishes. Besides other, Bet feeds its eight once a day and entertains children its performances in circus. In the original version of Bug the known comedian Martin Lawrence who was acting in film in " sounds; the House of big mummy and in a tape There is nothing to lose together with Timom Robinsom. In the Russian hire of the grizzly speaks a voice of the popular director and actor Feodor Bondarchuk for which this role became a debut in scoring of an animated film.

carefree life of a bear proceeded until on its way there was no confused deer of Elliot. In the original it is sounded by Eshton Katcher. It is curious that during shootings a hunting Season Katcher never met Martin Lawrence, though in an animated cartoon their heroes bosom friends. On manners the deer suspiciously looks like a donkey from a cartoon film SHrek . Elliot in the same way talks without a stop and involves a bear in serious troubles. Therefore soon from the comfortable, civilised dwelling Bug gets to the wood teeming with wild animals.

in a thicket of friends hunter Sho pursues pomeshannyj. In the original version he tells a voice of Gary Siniza ( Forrest Gamp Appolo - 13 ) And for its Russians Michael Bojarsky has sounded. And in a hunting Season he not only talks, but also sings a little. Here and there Sho establishes traps on Bug, and the bear should be on the alert. And, except that, the grizzly are demented by wood inhabitants. To it do not give pass of the squirrel - Samurais, ducks - Frenchmen, beavers with the Vologda dialect and skunks who in the Russian hire have started talking to distinct Odessa accent. Besides everywhere the nose is put by curious rabbits. you, animals, have absolutely flown into a rage?! - does not maintain eventually Bug. After all he dreams only of a warm laying in garage and a snow-white bathroom, and in wood it should conduct a savage way of life.

when the bear tries to find road to the house, on its way there is any more one hunter, and hundreds fans to do some shooting, gathered for opening of the hunting season. Here then Bug understands that wood and is its house, and knocks together the present home guard from wild animals. In the ending of the spectator effective and very ridiculous battle in which all wood creatures participate almost expects. For example, skunks, keeping for ducks, arrange from air chemical attack. And beavers under cover of this wood aircraft perform land operation, using rabbits as gas masks. Certainly, in the end of a film has not done without the notice that at shootings a hunting Season any rabbit has not suffered. To the same spectators whom fights will be a little and they will want to learn that as a result has occurred to hunter Sho, it is necessary to wait a final caption. They are waited by the unusual ending of its history.