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Victorious double of Russia

the Kremlin Cup have won Anna Chakvetadze and Nikolay Davydenko

On Sunday in sport centre Olympic tennis tournament the Kremlin Cup has come to the end. To pleasure of numerous fans, the Russian tennis players became its winners in single categories. Among women unexpectedly for the majority of experts Anna Chakvetadze, and in man`s tournament has won, on the contrary, is absolutely natural the strongest there was the first sejanyj Nikolay Davydenko.

In general, the structure of the female ending has appeared a huge surprise. At early stages favourites of tournament - the first racket of the world Frenchwoman Ameli Moresmo and our Maria Sharapova have left struggle. Moresmo in a quarterfinal has suffered defeat from the Czech rising star Nicole Vajdishovoj. Well and Sharapova has acted in film from competitions from - for foot traumas. It also has helped to reach the ending of Chakvetadze and one more Russian tennis-player Nadezhda Petrova. The Hope was considered as the favourite in this opposition. However in a semifinal match against Vajdishovoj it has aggravated a chronic trauma of a hip. Therefore in the ending from Petrovoj it was difficult to absolute readiness to expect. Ane carries in meetings with me, - the Hope admitted after defeat. - I have conceded to it three times when was not in the best form. Here and now it was necessary to play through a pain. But it in any way does not underestimate achievement of Ani, she played simply perfectly well .

Chakvetadze has won two sets with the identical account 6:4. It is all the second victory of the young Russian in tournaments WTA. Recently she has won tournament in the Chinese Guangzhou. It turns out that since this year in to a holder the captain of the Russian female national team Shamil Tarpischev had one more tennis-player, worthy places in natsionalonoj to a command. Considering recession in Anastasia Myskina`s game and Maria Sharapova constant refusals to act in the Federation Cup, progress of Chakvetadze should please. After a match Anna recognised that to it has partly carried: I perfectly understand that Nadja could not show the best tennis today. I at all did not expect that I can win on the Kremlin Cup. But to stop on the reached I do not gather, it is necessary to rise in a rating still above . For the victory of Anja has received hardly less 200 thousand dollars prize-winning.

as to a man`s grid from the very beginning all expected the ending of Davydenko - Safin. They moved towards each other though Nikolay showed more confident game. It is enough to notice that to a final he has not lost any game. However Safin has conceded to the fifth racket of the world only in three sets. First it seemed that Davydenko is ready better and should win without special problems. He has won the first set with the account 6:4. However in the second party spectators have seen absolutely other Safin - collected and self-assured. As result - its prize in the second party. However, then Davydenko began to show magnificent tennis. He forced the contender to be mistaken often, and itself almost did not suppose discrepancies. It managed to take three times Safin`s giving, as has helped to win with the same account, as the first set.

the victory was gave to me very hard, - Nikolay admitted after a match. - Safin now shows tennis at level of first ten world rating. I am assured that it soon there and will return . Davydenko became the owner of the Kremlin Cup in the second time for career. For the first time he has won on this tournament two years ago. Maratu Safin in any way does not manage to win tournament in Moscow. But he has promised to make it next year, and it is desirable at the expense of a victory over Davydenko.

After a gain of a title Nikolay has strengthened the position in champion race of Association of tennis players - professionals (ATR). Now it almost with absolute probability should get to total tournament ATR in Shanghai, and then help our national team to win with a cup-final of Devisa against a command of Argentina.

it is necessary to add only that in the female pair category the Kremlin Cup was won by Kveta to the Pawn from Czechia and Italian Francheska Skjavone. In competitions of man`s pairs there was most strongly Frenchman Fabris Santoro and the representative of Serbia Nenad Zimonzhich.