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Akrihin loses profit

From - for active participations in program DLO

Yesterday Russian farmproizvoditel Akrihin declared financial results on RBSBU for nine months 2006. The company net profit has decreased in comparison with the similar period of last year in 3,5 times, to 38 million rbl. In the company explain decrease have arrived problems in market DLO, and also the expenses connected with a conclusion to the market of new preparations. At the same time analysts expect that in the future the company can achieve improvement of results.

According to the company reporting, for nine months of current year a gain Akrihina has grown on 12 %, to 1,28 mlrd rbl. Growth has been reached at the expense of double increase in sales of medical products under own trade mark. The total profit for the accounting period has increased by 24 % and has made 587 million rbl. It is expected that in 2006 a gain Akrihina Will grow on 10 % in comparison with 2005 when it has made 1,7 mlrd rbl.

the Director for strategic researches of the company Akrihin Konstantin Chernov has explained daily that on financial indicators this year strong influence has rendered participation of its company in program DLO. The debt of the state to the company in 2006 is estimated in 71,55 million rbl. It turns out that we ship preparations to ourselves at a loss, - he has declared. - now the delay of payments for manufacturers makes practically year. And it means that it is necessary to take credits, that is from a margin otminusovyvajutsja also credit percent, and thus for profit already remains nothing. If last year from us about 20 % of sales occupied preparations on DLO this year their share has decreased and makes an order of 13 % . Besides, net profit decrease Akrihina it is connected with increase in expenses at deducing at the market of new products, in particular brands Pantoderm and Venolajf .

At the same time general director RMBC Maria Denisov expects that in the foreseeable future financial indicators of the company all - taki will improve. On its supervision, Akrihin has started realisation new assortimentnoj politicians: We see that for nine months of current year at Akrihina more than retails of an order of 80 trading names from which 60 names are nebrendovannye dzheneriki in cost 2 dollars On the other hand were reduced to a quarter, more than on 25 % sales brendirovannyh medical products in cost more than 2 dollars " have grown;.

With it analyst IK RMG Oleg Sudakov agrees. as a whole, despite not so successful indicators of nine months, a sight at the company positive, - he speaks. - Akrihin actively grows, develops own brands . In its opinion, Akrihin it is now seriously underestimated: On a current market position company capitalisation makes about 95 million dollars By my estimations, company cost can grow on 30 - 40 % .

carrying out IPO would become the Most logical step for the company, considers g - n Pike perches. we now are in process of the active analysis and drawing up of plans, - Konstantin Chernov speaks. - However IPO for us not end in itself. If such step is necessary for capital attraction, for increase of a rating and credit potential of the company we will consider this variant. However if we can, without addressing to the foreign capital, to solve these questions we will solve by own strength .


Open Society Akrihin specialises on release dzhenerikov (copies of original preparations). Lets out more than 150 names of finished pharmaceutical products. In the beginning of 2005 Vision International People Group has bought Akrihin at the Alpha - Groups For 40 million dollars According to RMBC, the company takes in the market the fifth place among the domestic companies, a market share - 4 %.