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the Seventh continent becomes closer to the people

than Ritejler will sell the actions to buyers

Already in the near future buyers of a network the Seventh continent can become owners of its actions. The company declared yesterday what to take shares it will be possible at bank offices Financial service the shops of a network located in territory. In to the Seven do not hide that sale of actions by all wishing is first of all imidzhevyj a step directed on increase of loyalty of consumers. According to analysts, buyers will get no more than 1 % of actions.

to realisation of this program the Seventh continent will start from now on, has informed daily a press - the secretary of the company Elena Istomin. As she said, the Seventh continent do not intend to spend dopemissiju - actions which now are in the free reference will be offered buyers. The bank will redeem actions depending on demand - has added g - zha Istomin.

we will remind that in November, 2004 the Seventh continent has placed 13 % of actions at the price of 275 rbl. for a piece. In April, 2006 the company has spent additional placing of actions therefore their share in the free reference has increased to 25,2 %. According to in most the Seventh continent from the moment of initial placing of actions company capitalisation has grown almost three times (we will notice that yesterday on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange they cost 669 rbl.) .

As appears from the message the Seventh continent will get its actions probably, having addressed to the manager in one of offices Financial service located in network shops. That, in turn, at presence at the buyer of the document proving the identity, will help to fill all necessary documents for purchase realisation.

interrogated daily analysts consider that to buyers the Seventh continent than 1 % of actions will get no more. it is clear that thus the company will not sell many actions because some buyers of a network if know that such actions vaguely represent, what for they are necessary to them, - analyst IK " speaks; finam Vladislav Kochetkov. - If now actions the Seventh continent there are 670 rbl. hardly the average buyer will decide to get more than 10 actions .

At the same time such imidzhevyj a step the Seven Can quite bring the companies an economic gain, the general director of a network " considers; Paterson Yury Jakovchik. If the person takes shares, it then it will be obligatory to go to this shop - it has explained daily. G - n Kochetkov, however, has doubted that sale of actions will raise loyalty of buyers the Seventh continent : to Assume that the shareholder the Seventh continent will make purchases only in shops of this network because it is its company, it is doubtful, because in Russia consumers are guided by the prices and for convenience of an arrangement of supermarkets " more;.

it is necessary to notice that the Seventh continent any more the first Russian ritejler, decided to make simple buyers the shareholders. In March of last year perfumery - a cosmetic network ArbatPrestizh Declared that the VIP - the clients which cost of purchases exceeds 377 dollars Specially for this purpose " will give the preference shares to owners of cards; ArbatPrestizh has let out 500 thousand the preference shares which have made 2,44 % of an authorised capital stock of the company. Meanwhile, on sensations of the analysts, the given action had no big agiotage among clients of a network.

if ArbatPrestizh declared that has gone on donation of actions not for the sake of the marketing purposes, the Seventh continent does not hide that sale of actions to buyers will be the additional tool of increase of popularity and appeal of the company in the opinion of buyers. we count that, becoming the proprietor let even a small amount of actions, visitors of shops of our company can join business - it is told in a press - release the Seventh continent . However, in the company also count that partly the project will stimulate demand for actions that will positively influence their quotations.

I think, to buyers who are not so familiar with stock market, such project will be all the same interesting, therefore from the point of view of the marketing approach it is quite good idea - has declared daily an analyst Three Dialogue Victoria Grankin.

at the same time analysts doubt that realisation of this program will influence quotations the Seventh continent . I do not agree that this joint project the Seventh continent and Financial service as - that will stimulate demand for actions, behind an exception, maybe, insignificant effect which will be during the short-term moment of buying up Financial service these actions at a stock exchange - analyst FK " has explained; URALSIB Andrey Nikitin.


By data on the second quarter 2006 beginning, in network structure the Seventh continent 116 supermarkets and two complexes " entered; Our hypermarket . The company Net profit in 2005 has increased by 56 % and has exceeded 42 million dollars, the net avails have made 714 million dollars that above an indicator of 2004 on 44 %. The basic shareholder the Seventh continent is Joint-Stock Company 7 Invest - Holding supervised by Alexander Zanadvorovym and Vladimir Gruzdev (at everyone on 50 % a minus 1 action).