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Determinant moods

the University of Tokyo has presented system which defines mood rooms

the University of Tokyo has presented system which defines mood rooms on the most different parametres. The invention has received name SHOJI which is deciphered as simbioznaja hosting online - equipment . That, the usual climate indoors is how much favorable emotional, and also, is displayed by colour on light-emitting diode (LED) the display of the cylindrical form.

system SHOJI under the concept is very similar to recently presented working out KOTOHANA from companies NEC and SGI, consisting of two terminals in shape tsvetkov. KOTOHANA analyzes a vocal background indoors and changes colour of the flower LED - displays depending on the emotions noticed by system in conversations of people.

SHOJI also consists of two terminals which it is possible to arrange in different premises or even in different cities. Each terminal is equipped polnotsvetnym LED - the display, a microphone and five sensor controls developed by experts of the Tokyo university. Sensor controls trace light exposure level, temperature, humidity, infra-red radiation and ultrasonic waves. Besides, devices constantly trace presence and movement of people, body temperature and emotional character of activity at a room.

from a press - the release devoted to the device, follows that terminals SHOJI work under the scheme: the transmitter - the receiver. Thus terminals are universal, that is can be both that and another. As a result one of parts SHOJI constantly sends the data about mood in a room through the Internet another which displays them by means of a colour luminescence on the display. Observing of prevailing colours, users can easily understand mood in other room. Red corresponds to irritation, blue - grief, yellow - to happiness, green signals about the world and calmness. Thus the top half of cylindrical display displays current mood of a room, and bottom - what it was in the recent past.

the Japanese corporation GS Yuasa acting in a role of manufacturer SHOJI, will soon spend a series of tests of the device in a number of the Tokyo companies allowing managers of head office to keep account of moods at offices of branches. Similar tests are planned also in hospitals and premises. Date of serial release of a product - April, 2007. To corporate clients GS Yuasa ANDREY SERDECHNOV

plans to sell SHOJI at the price about 3 thousand dollars