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ID Rodionova has wanted in the Internet

the Publishing house intend to get the Newspaper. ru or to start a resource similar to it

Yesterday it became known that the company the Publishing house of Rodionova already in the beginning of next year can start own Internet - a resource, on a content similar to the Newspaper. ru . Thus a management ID Rodionova does not lose hope to get and itself the Newspaper. ru . Participants of the market consider that both these of a variant can become for the publishing house enough zatratnym the project, thus at Newspapers. ru probably, there will be also other buyers.

as the president " has informed yesterday daily; ID Rodionova Alexey Volin if the company does not get the Internet - the edition the Newspaper. ru will start own project already in the beginning of next year. By estimations of participants of the market, it will be qualitative the Internet - the edition, under the maintenance reminding the Newspaper. ru . we now are in process of studying of technical and creative possibilities of the project - the editor-in-chief of group of business papers " has informed; ID Rodionova George Bovt.

we Will remind that in October it became known about the transaction of publishing houses a firm Secret and ID Rodionova on newspaper sale Business . Participants of the market have estimated a sum of transaction in 20 million dollars Then a management ID Rodionova has informed on the desire to get the Newspaper. ru . However participants of the market notice that it is too profitable resource for sale, besides at Newspapers. ru can appear and other buyers. Therefore the transaction on edition acquisition can manage ID Rodionova in the large sum.

By expert estimations, in 2005 the weekly audience of a news site made more than 350 thousand persons. According to TNS Gallup Media, the edition is on the fifth position in a rating of the most visited sites. Thus experts consider that the Newspaper. ru possesses 7 - 10 % of the market the Internet - advertising. By estimations of the editor-in-chief Newspapers. ru Michael Mihajlina, the edition now takes the fourth place among all the Internet - projects and the first - among the Internet - mass-media under advertising budgets.

experts estimate resource cost Newspapers. ru in the sum more than 15 million dollars, thus the annual advertising income of the edition reaches, by different estimations, 7 - 9 million dollars we Will remind that in November, 2005 of 100 % of actions Newspapers. ru it has been redeemed at an edition management of the Publishing house a firm Secret . At the same time representatives of the edition name the much bigger sums. As the editor-in-chief " informed earlier; Newspapers. ru Michael Mihajlin, to buy the Newspaper. ru ID Rodionova it is necessary to throw all turn on the transaction . By estimations g - on Mihajlina, a turn of the publishing house makes about 20 million dollars As he said, money for purchase Newspapers. ru at ID Rodionova no.

At the same time participants of the market notice that purchase Newspapers. ru would be logical step and for the Publishing house Kommersant . About possibility of the conclusion of such transaction it became known last week. I cannot make comments on it yet. I can tell that the Newspaper. ru - an attractive resource. Among weight the Internet - editions it is one of successful - commercial director ID " has informed daily; Kommersant Pavel Filenkov. By words g - on Filenkova, a management of the publishing house also plans to start own the Internet - resources: Any resources will be started, any to be got, but we are not ready to speak yet more in detail about their content .

Experts notice that the Internet - resources are now very attractive to publishing houses as cause heightened interest of advertisers. According to the expert of analytical company J son and Partners Boris Ovchinnikova, in 2005 volume of the market media the Internet - advertising has made to Russia of 80 million dollars, the forecast for the end of 2006 - 125 mln. dollars, that is growth of the market media the Internet - advertising are made by 55 %. By words g - on Ovchinnikova, growth of advertising incomes, and also a gradual overflowing of audience in online does the Internet - resources such attractive to media managers.

participants of the market consider that the input in the Network and site creation manages much more cheaply (by their estimations, 1 - 2 million dollars) Than newspaper creation in oflajne, however creation of a qualitative content of such edition, as the Newspaper. ru will demand powerful expenses . It is expensive resource. The big expenses for a content, the maintenance of a command of journalists, editors, and also on project advancement " be required to the publishing house; - the assistant to the general director " considers; prof - media Evgenie Abov. Thus g - n Abov notices that creation of such resource will allow publishing houses to expand the general audience. The general director agrees with it OVA - a press Vasily Dmitrys. for mass-media it provides a business diversification, the belief of investors in the Internet - mass-media is now very strong - he speaks.