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Sahalinenergo remains without coal

Leaving at a loss coal genkompanii

the Power companies focused on coal generation can face losses from - for rise in prices for coal. So, over « Sahalinenergo » threat financially - an economic crisis as the basic supplier of coal has sharply risen the price for fuel has hung. According to the analysts, in this case much depends on specificity of region, however if the similar tendency proceeds, power will appear in enough difficult situation. It is connected by that « placed » on coal the generating companies possess the limited possibilities on a covering of losses by increase of tariffs for the electric power.

The day before the chief executive « Sahalinenergo » Igor Butovsky has informed that the basic supplier — « Sahalinugol » — Has suggested the companies to buy coal next year at the price exceeding flowing on 23 %. As has noted g - n Butovsky, such rates of rise in prices twice exceed the growth considered at the statement of a fuel component in the tariff « Sahalinenergo » for 2007. As he said, the company losses with which there will be nothing to cover wait.

In the Russian Open Society « UES of Russia » daily have noticed that the coal companies deliver fuel at the noncontrollable prices, and increase of the tariff for the electric power is regulated by the state and a third year does not exceed a rate of inflation successively. Thereof, according to the interlocutor, a tendency when rates of increase of the prices for coal and black oil advance a rise in prices for the electric power, it is possible to name the general. As have added in power holding, a situation with « Sahalinenergo » it is aggravated with disconnexion of region where the competition in the fuel market practically is absent, and « Sahalinugol » can quite dictate the prices.

At the same time analysts consider that possibilities of the power companies for a solution of a problem of rise in prices from coal miners rather ogranichenny. The chief of analytical department IK « Antanta the Capital » Denis Matafonov asserts that the situation when suppliers of coal dictate the conditions to the generating companies, is very typical for the Russian validity. Thus power have appeared « are clamped in a vice » as cannot cover completely losses at the expense of end users. That is, as has noted g - n Matafonov daily, tariffs for the electric power cannot be lifted above planned level.

Besides, the analyst has underlined, now the prices for coal in Russia are not regulated yet by the government. Therefore, considers g - n Matafonov, in the given situation with the prices, as quantity of suppliers of coal fuel for power stations antimonopoly bodies sooner or later will become interested in Russia rather ogranichenno.

Meanwhile, according to some experts, the similar situation speaks market problems in concrete region, and as a whole forecasts on a rise in prices for coal are not so pessimistic at all. The head of analytical management IK « the Three Dialogue » Lori Sillantaka has told daily that, under its data, the price for coal in Russia « will not grow the same fast rates, as well as the prices for gas ». As he said, the prices for coal depend in many respects on a situation in region and from a conjuncture of the local market, as in a case with « Sahalinenergo ».

On the other hand, analyst IFK « Metropol » Alexey Solovev in conversation with daily has noticed that time of the price for gas grow advancing rates the same tendency can be observed and concerning the prices for coal. Certainly, doubtfully, the analyst has noticed that any supplier will not make a compromise and will allow the generating company to go bankrupt. At the same time, if coal miners continue to rise in the price for coal, it will lead to reduction of a margin of the power companies that in turn will reduce investment programs energetikov.