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Vostok Nafta does not sell “ Gazprom “

the Investment fund hopes to earn additionally on monopoly actions

the Swedish investment fund Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd., which basic active are 1,3 % of actions “ Gazprom “ counts that in one and a half year capitalisation of the Russian gas monopoly will double and, hence, will exceed 500 mlrd dollars Participants of the market yet do not divide so optimistical moods of the Swedish colleagues.

Vostok Nafta puts up money basically in the action of the oil and gas and power companies of Russia. A share of actions “ Gazprom “ in portfolio Vostok Nafta for October, 31st, 2006 made 90,23 %, “ Rosneft “ - 2,71 %, “ Tอส - BP Holding “ - 2,16 %. Net value of actives Vostok Nafta on the end of October made more than 2,6 mlrd dollars More than 50 % of actions Vostok Nafta is supervised by the Swedish and other international institutional investors. Adolf Lundina`s family directly and indirectly posesses almost 30 % of the company.

Vostok Nafta it is assured of the further growth of actions “ Gazprom “ their price in the following of 18 months can double, consider in investment fund. “ we think that actions “ Gazprom “ cost more expensive twice in comparison with current quotations of the company “ - operating director Vostok Nafta of Per Briliot in interview Bloomberg has declared. - Theoretically if company capitalisation reaches this level, we can consider possibility of sale of a part of its actions “.

to make the statement g - well Briliotu was necessary from - that the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri has not quite correctly quoted words of chairman of board of directors Vostok Nafta of Lukasa Lundina. The edition in the article published on the first page under heading “ Lundin merges Russian gas “ Has emphasised that the fund is going to sell monopoly actions whereas actually Vostok Nafta this package in expectation of impressive growth of papers " intends to keep; Gazprom “ - twice for the next one and a half year.

yesterday the price of last transaction with actions “ Gazprom “ on RTS has made 11,01 dollars, having shown growth on 0,55 % in comparison with the previous trading session. Proceeding from the price of one action, concern capitalisation has made 260,9 mlrd dollars Thus, according to expectations Vostok Nafta, in 18 months the price for the monopoly action will exceed 20 dollars, and concern capitalisation - 500 mlrd dollars

Anybody from interrogated daily analysts is not assured of so optimistical forecast on growth of a stock value of monopoly. artem Deaths from IK “ ATON “ considers that doubling for 18 months can occur, “ if internal tariffs for gas " twice grow; that, in its opinion, it is impossible. Now the investment company estimates fair cost of one action “ Gazprom “ (which, by words g - on Death, it will be probably, soon reconsidered) in 10,5 dollars According to IK “ URALSIB “ the fair price for a monopoly paper - 17 dollars, according to IK “ the Three Dialogue “ - 15,75 dollars

the Historical maximum market capitalisation “ Gazprom “ during the auctions in RTS reached on May, 10th current year, having reached a mark 305,8 mlrd dollars In the company expected to reach this level through two - three years. The new forecast on capitalisation has been sounded in the end of April. By words zampredpravlenija “ Gazprom “ Alexander Medvedev, in the nearest 5 - 10 years “ Gazprom “ taking into account efficiency of operations and consolidation of oil and electropower business EKATERINA TSYRLINA

will cost an order 1 trln dollars