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Miller`s Italian campaign

Gazprom enters the retail market of the country

the Second attempt « Gazprom » to enter the retail market of Italy it has appeared successful. Yesterday the Russian company and Italian Eni declared signing of the agreement on strategic partnership. According to the document, « Gazprom » will begin deliveries to the Italian consumers and will prolong the contract on delivery of gas till 2035. Also the parties have agreed about study of investment projects in the field of investigation and gas production in Russia and the third countries, in particular in Africa.

For the first time « Gazprom » has tried to enter the retail market of Italy one year ago. Then a gas monopolist and Eni have signed the scale agreement, one of which points provides cedation Eni « to Gazprom » the rights to delivery 2 mlrd cubic m of gas a year to end users at the expense of purchase reduction on one of contracts with « Gazeksportom ». However in October the agreement was scarified by the Italian antimonopoly bodies and members of parliament. Deputies have suspected of arrangements direct interest eks - the prime minister - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi. After that a press - service « Gazprom » has extended the message that the agreement is recognised by the irrelevant both parties.

Further the companies within a year tried to agree about new conditions of cooperation. In particular, general director Eni Paolo Skaroni declared that its company counts together with « Gazprom » to develop both gas, and oil deposits in Russia, and in exchange are offered by cooperation on gazoraspredelitelnyh the markets of Italy and other countries. After that statements on the market have started to ply hearings that in exchange Eni wants to receive a share « Gazprom » in NOVATEKe. As he said, Eni discusses with « Gazprom » Building possibility near St.-Petersburg of factory on szhizheniju natural gas capacity 8 mlrd cubic m a year. Besides, g - n Skaroni said that Eni could become the partner « oil Gazprom » in development of new deposits in Russia.

Yesterday « Gazprom » and Eni declared signing of the new agreement on strategic partnership. As the press - release, since 2007 « is informed in official; Gazprom » begins direct deliveries, by 2010 the volume of deliveries will increase to 3 mlrd cubic m. Operating contracts on delivery of gas are prolonged till 2035. Also the parties have agreed to work investment projects in the field of investigation and gas production in Russia and the third countries, in particular in Africa. Head Eni also has specified that « Gazprom » can receive a share in EniPower. Along with it the agreement provides cooperation of the companies on realisation new and to development of existing gas-transport routes, including under the project « the Blue stream » and also interaction in the field of SPG and new technologies of transportation of gas. Additional comments of the party have refused.

According to analysts, the victory « Gazprom » it is obliged fear of Europeans to lose the large supplier of gas. According to a DB « Opening » 93 % of gas (nearby 23 mlrd cubic) are imported to Italy by two suppliers — « Gazprom » and Algerian Sonatrach, and until recently the Algerian company provided hardly more than half of deliveries of gas. « now Italy has preferred « to Gazprom » being afraid that that can raise the prices » — the analyst of a DB « considers; Opening » Natalia Milchakova. It also reminds that in the summer of 2006 « Gazprom » and Sonatrach « have made friends » having signed the cooperation agreement. The companies intend to exchange actives in investigation and extraction sphere, creation of joint ventures and to participate in tenders on investigation and oil recovery and gas. For this reason, observers consider, the question on transfer of Russian actives Eni remains opened. « Gazprom » has already started to dictate the conditions of cooperation with Europe, it is not excluded that all preferences — in exchange for gas delivery » — analyst IFK « reminds; Solid » Denis Borisov.