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Hitachi and General Electric has united atom

Their joint venture will construct 100 atomic power stations

Yesterday it became known that American General Electric (GE) and Japanese Hitachi have agreed about cooperation in the field of building of atomic power stations. In a press - release both companies have declared intentions in first half of 2007 to create joint venture which will work in this direction. The management of both companies thus hopes to strengthen the positions in the international market of nuclear technologies and to press the basic competitors from Asia, Europe and the USA.

Hitachi and GE already throughout 40 years co-operate in the field of building of so-called reactors on light water. The legkovodnyj reactor differs from tjazhelovodnogo that as the heat-carrier in it simple water whereas in tjazhelovodnom the reactor heavy water in which hydrogen is replaced by its heavy isotope - dejteriem is used is used. The reactor on light water can work only on the enriched uranium, whereas the reactor on heavy water - on nizkoobogashchennom or even natural uranium. According to president Hitachi of Kadzuo Furukavy, the company believes that more the close connection with GE is necessary for distribution of reactors on light water as in Japan, and all over the world .

In a press - company Hitachi service daily have told that thanks to demand growing in the world for the electric power building of atomic power stations not only will help to increase self-maintenance of the states with the electric power, but also will create an energy source which allows to use optimum the limited natural resources . However, according to the expert of ecological company Friends of the Earth Roger Hajmena, nuclear technologies are not the best solution of a problem of power deficiency and do not prevent the further distribution of effect of global warming.

There are the best, more pure decisions. Wind power and the sun wins popularity in the world. Renewed sources already give to the electric power twice more than the nuclear. The future behind them - the expert daily has noted.

Nevertheless in sphere of building of nuclear reactors the present boom is observed. According to a press - to release Hitachi - GE, during the following of 20 years in the world it will be constructed an order of 100 reactors, and especially active building will begin in the USA where since 1980 it has not been constructed by any atomic power station. According to the Department of Energy of the USA, by 2020 it is planned to construct 25 new stations. Management Hitachi already declared intention to receive at least third of these contracts. General Electric to 2008 - to 2009 expects increase joint with Hitachi incomes of building of nuclear reactors on 3 mlrd dollars According to Bloomberg, this year the company from atomic power station building worldwide has received 1 mlrd dollars of incomes.

To joint venture creation the Japanese and American companies were in many respects pushed by purchase by the basic competitor Hitachi by company Toshiba American Westinghouse Electric Co. Worldwide the tendency on consolidation of the companies involved in this activity is observed. For maintenance of due level of competitiveness of the company are compelled to unite - expert Chatham House of Malkolm Grimston has told in conversation with daily. And GE experts also carry To the basic competitors Hitachi French Areva, Russian Atomstrojeksport South Korean Doosan and Canadian AECL. the National companies of India and China while develop and standardise imported technologies of the western companies. However in the future they most likely begin to build nuclear factories already abroad. In a decade or two leaders in this market can quite exchange - expert World Nuclear Association Jeremiah Gordon has told in conversation with daily.