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The laptop for 350 thousand dollars

Ego Lifestyle the Dutch company Ego Lifestyle specialising on manufacture of luxe-class electronics has presented a ruler of exclusive laptops

, has presented a ruler of exclusive laptops of limited release Ego Diamond in cost of 350 thousand dollars it is necessary To be surprised not only to the prices, but also that models Ego Diamond, Ego Platinum and Otazu Ego Diamond are decorated by hundreds brilliants.

top of the limited series of portable personal computers is the book with the graceful name Otazu Ego Diamond, created with the assistance of the known designer Otatsu working with jewels. Ornaments in the form of a tulip and heart, and also the logos of Otatsu located in different places of the case of this laptop, are made of 470 brilliants of the highest degree of processing. All it supplement the elements of furnish executed from white gold. Two other models essentially differ unless that design logo the not less richly issued emblem Ego Lifestyle replaces at them.

Computers have wide 12,1 - the inch screen and possess such innovative technology, as face-to-face writing CD/ DVD - a drive which is capable to reproduce films without necessity of laptop inclusion. Models are equipped built in a web - chambers and are capable to store to 80 Gb of the information on the hard disks. Probably, partly from - for abundances of jewels computers not too a little - 2,6 kg weigh. But the built in chromeplated handle does their convenient for resocks.

however in case diamond laptops will seem to someone unattainable luxury, the Dutch manufacturer has a ruler mass laptops Tulip Ego with various variants of manual furnish of the case. They, of course, cannot brag of diamond incrustation, but at cost in 5 thousand dollars Their superexpensive colleagues possess the almost same technical characteristics, as.