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The Sobinbank has found the new head

It there was a native of MDM - Bank

Yesterday the Sobinbank has informed on personnel shifts in a top - bank management. The chairman of the board of Sobinbank Sergey Kirilenko leaves from a held post on a post of the chairman of the council of announcers of bank, and on its place the former first vice-president of board of MDM - Bank Vladimir Rykunov comes. Participants of the bank market consider that g - well Rykunovu should prepare bank for sale.

Yesterday the Sobinbank has informed that one of its basic shareholders Sergey Kirilenko has decided to depart from an operational administration bank and to be engaged in the decision of strategic problems. As have explained daily in Sobinbank, « personnel shifts a top - management have been made on the basis of the decision of board of directors of bank which has complied Sergey Kirilenko`s request for removal from it of powers of the chairman of the board of Bank and its re-election for a post of the chairman of board of directors ». The former head of board of directors of Sobinbank Yury Pavlov has asked to release ahead of schedule it from this post, thus it will reserve a place in bank board.

Instead of Sergey Kirilenko the former vice-president of board of MDM has been invited to a post of the chairman of the board of Sobinbank - Bank Vladimir Rykunov. « It has a work wide experience in quality a top - the manager, and results of its activity as vice-president of board of MDM - Bank have positive character, — Sergey Kirilenko speaks. — Vladimir Rykunov is the professional in the field of construction of hi-tech bank processes and network development ». In turn in MDM - Bank daily that « Vladimir Rykunov has made decision to leave a post of the vice-president of board of MDM - Bank ».

« I consider transition in Sobinbank as excellent prospect for continuation of the professional and career growth. As the chairman of the board I will participate in process of strategic planning and realisation of tasks in view » — Vladimir Rykunov has explained the decision daily. In MDM - Bank of its duty are assigned on the vice-president of board of bank Evgenie Tutkevicha who temporarily supervises operational department and department of bank technologies. In the bank market the Sobinbank sometimes associates with old scandal on money-laundering in BankofNewYork. In the end of 1990 - h the Sobinbank could not work directly with the American companies as supervising bodies of the USA have blacklisted it otmyvochnyh banks. According to FBI, through Sobinbank accounts in BankofNewYork the overwhelming part 7 mlrd the dollars, deduced of Russia with 1996 for 1999 is ostensibly spent.

the First vice-president of board of the First republican bank Vyacheslav Barmin notices that lately transition a top - the managers who are engaged in development of a network or retail, from one big bank in another became frequent enough phenomenon. « recently the Sobinbank has started to advance retail actively. Considering that large enough, it is possible to assume bank that approximately in two years it becomes object for purchase by foreign investors. Probably, this problem is put before new preboards » — assumes the vice-president of board of Investsberbank Evgenie Egors.


By data. The rating, as of July, 1st, 2007 Sobinbank occupied 44 - e a place in a rating of the largest Russian banks under own capital (4, 5 mlrd rbl.). On the size of a net wealth the Sobinbank occupied 31 - e a place (46,7 mlrd rbl.) . As of October, 1st, 2006 the basic shareholders of bank are Sergey Kirilenko (19,445 % of actions), the vice-president of board Konstantin Bekov (19,444 % of actions) and AK « ALROSA » — 6,25 % of actions.