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The oil stock exchange becomes state

It the appointed officials

At the disposal of edition daily will supervise there was a governmental order project about creation of the oil stock exchange, developed MERT. Judging by it, the state intends to supervise completely actually an oil stock exchange created in Russia. Experts consider that it does not promise to the given trading platform anything good.

in the governmental order project About carrying out of the exchange auctions by oil products in the Russian Federation, including for maintenance of the state needs as the legal form for an oil stock exchange the noncommercial partnership (NP) in the form of two chambers and the supervisory board (NANOSECOND) which third will be made by state employees is chosen. Thus NP not the most optimum form of conducting exchange business president NP " has told daily; RTS Oleg Safonov. To create a stock exchange in such legal form is a step back, - it has explained. - world experience proves that the optimal form of the organisation of a stock exchange - Open Society .

On - visible, choice NP is caused not by the economic reasons. law article 11 About commodity exchanges forbids state structures and local governments to establish a stock exchange, - the lawyer - the partner of lawyer bureau " has informed daily; Goldfinches and partners Dmitry Dyomin. - NP will allow to bypass this problem .

But the structure of management NP chosen by the state contradicts also to the law About the noncommercial organisations as trustees are appointed and released from the duties under the NANOSECOND decision. these are special powers of general meeting which cannot be split up on chambers - Dmitry Dyomin underlines. In MERT, Minpromenergo and FSFR have found it difficult to give comments about it.

And though the state intends to force state companies to participation in the exchange auctions, participants of the market are assured that efforts of the authorities are vain. I do not know any example when the state would become the successful organizer of the exchange auctions - the analyst of YOKES " has told daily; ATON Dmitry Lukashov. At last, the exchange oil auctions will have a problem with realisation of futures. from port in Primorske on Russian NPZ oil will deliver Open Society the Russian Railway and it levels economy in the price - analyst IK " has explained daily; Brokerkreditservis Maxim Sheyin.

daily has interrogated the oil companies to learn their relation to innovations MERT. In oil Gazprom comments have refused. In a press - service NK Rosneft daily have informed that the given project is considered by the company as it was one of initiators of the organisation of the similar auctions.

The Private petrocompanies as it has appeared, are not interested in exchange trade. In a press - Open Society service LUKOIL daily have informed that from 90 million t, extracted by the company annually, it can allocate for this platform of no more 200 thousand t. And in the multinational corporation - BP have told that will discuss the bill only after it will be signed by prime minister Michael Fradkov.

thus, the private petrocompanies most likely not begin to accept active participation in work state stock exchanges . We will note: Oleg Safonov considers that absence of the mechanism of attraction of the private companies on a stock exchange can be pernicious for the project .