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OAK has headed for a stock exchange

IPO the companies just created Incorporated aviabuilding corporation (OAK) can be spent to advantage of foreign partners

has reflected on priority directions of the future work. In two months board of directors OAK should accept strategy of development and be defined with a grocery ruler. Then the corporation should spend the second stage of association of actives in which course actives RSK will be integrated into its structure « the Instant » and KAPO. And in long-term prospect OAK it intend to be prepared for carrying out IPO which can take place in 2010 — 2011.

« the First session of board of directors OAK devoted to the organisation of activity of corporation, can take place in the end of November — the beginning of December of current year » — the vice-president of noncommercial partnership « has told daily; the Incorporated aviabuilding consortium » (Co-ordinates process of creation OAK) Vasily Prutkovsky. Then, as he said, in the end of January — in February, 2007 board of directors OAK can consider strategy of development of the company. As he said, a grocery number of the companies entering in OAK, the further actions on association of actives and strategy of attraction of financing first of all should be defined.

At a following stage of consolidation, according to Vasily Prutkovsky, it will be placed dopemissija actions OAK. The state will bring share holdings of the joint-stock companies formed after privatisation RSK « the Instant » and Open Society « the Kazan aviation production association of a name of Gorbunova » (KAPO), and also state blocks of shares of actions which have not been included at the first stage, representative NP « speaks; OAK ». After that OAK will receive controlling interests of all aviabuilding enterprises. « as to private share holdings « Ilyushin Finans Ko » (IFK), Open Society « Tupolev » NPK « Irkut » factory « the Falcon » and other companies supervised OAK their occurrence in corporation will be defined by owners of these packages and will occur as purely market transaction » — Vasily Prutkovsky explains.

OAK does not assume to translate on the balance capacities, the personnel and research base. « OAK will not pass through itself operational streams and to be engaged in economic activities. The personnel and the basic means will be concentrated in affiliated in relation to Open Society « OAK » the enterprises » — speaks g - n Prutkovsky. As he said, the enterprises will be engaged in technics deliveries. This model is similar to structure EADS which includes five business - units. The basic function of head structure — Interaction with authorities and acceptance of strategic decisions, it also is the centre of capitalisation and co-operates with investors. IPO the companies can be realised only through two — four years when the company will have market history, and also sufficient degree of a transparency for investors. « actions can be distributed as among private investors, and purposefully among strategic partners — the companies from Europe, China or India » — Vasily Prutkovsky informs.

According to participants of the market, despite a seeming transparency of creation OAK, remains and many questions. « in general process of merge of actives and their estimation » is not clear; — Konstantin Makienko from the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies considers. Besides, till now it is not clear, what planes will be made, the expert notices. « not clearly, as the state will finance strategic projects » — general director Bona Fide Finance Andrey Leushin speaks daily. If the state finances these projects through dopemissiju also to private investors it is necessary to put up money proportionally. As a result it will turn out that the same Alexey Fedorov (the co-owner of corporation « Irkut ») To keep the share, the civil aviation industry, and Alexander Lebedev (co-owner IFK) &mdash will start to finance; the military man, summarises the expert.


the State has already brought in authorised capital stock OAK: AHK « Dry » (100 % of actions), the external economic association « Aviaexport » (15 %), Open Society « Ilyushin Finans Ko » (38 %), Open Society « Komsomol - on - the Cupid aviation production association of Gagarin » (25,5 %), the Interstate aviabuilding company « Ilyushin » (86 %), the Nizhniy Novgorod aviabuilding factory « the Falcon » (38 %), Novosibirsk aviation production association of Tchkalov (25,5 %), Open Society « Tupolev » (90,8 %), Open Society « the Financial leasing company » (58 %).