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Officials have remembered metal

the Authorities intend to help the Russian metallurgists

In spite of the fact that metallurgy gives 5 % of gross national product, the authorities have just now reflected on ways of support of this branch. Today the government is going to discuss a series of measures, necessary for transformation of metallurgy into dynamically developing and highly technological branch. For this purpose officials are ready to help metkombinatam with access on foreign markets, and also to think of tax privileges for the new enterprises.

as have informed daily in Minpromenergo, the plan of measures contains a number of measures in directions of development of metallurgical branch in which the government can take direct part in one way or another. Among them - protection of the Russian metallurgists in foreign markets, stimulation of deliveries to home market, development mineralno - a raw-material base, tax indulgences, application of mechanisms is private - the state partnership with use of means of Investment fund, etc.

the Director of department of industry Minpromenergo of the Russian Federation Andrey Dejneko at the meeting which has taken place earlier with participation of representatives metkompany has noticed that the government sees the purpose transformation of metallurgical branch of Russia in dynamically developing, hi-tech, effective and competitive.

the source daily in the government reminds that now in the world concerning production of the Russian metallurgists operates about 40 restrictions. difficult there are relations with the EU countries in the field of delivery of a steel and pipes, aluminium, there are problems with Mexico and Argentina - the official notices. The package of proposals on protection of our companies is now developed. One more problem - backlog in development rudno - a raw-material base. According to a source daily, capacities on extraction are involved on 97 %, but the enterprises have deficiency of iron and copper ore, manganese, chrome, on 100 % depend on external deliveries of the titan.

the power intends to change this situation. According to the source in the White house, speech can go about indemnification from the budget of a part of expenses to the enterprises - to exporters. Thus, the interlocutor daily has underlined, the emphasis will become on production with high additional cost as now to 60 % of export make raw materials and half-finished products. Besides, the big work is planned on geological prospecting and statement for the account of new deposits of Northern and Subpolar Ural Mountains, BAMa. According to an analyst of Alpha bank of Vladimir Zhukov, all new deposits, which working out now begins, are opened in Soviet period.

according to general director UK Electrostal Russia (ESTAR) Andrey Saltanova, the help of the authorities is necessary in infrastructure development. we at building new mini - factories have faced that in the country physically there are no platforms under new manufactures to which would be brought gas, an electricity and other communications - he has informed daily. the Main thing for us is a creation at the state level of ideology of branch which would allow the companies to define more accurately the strategy - the director for Open Society external relations " marks; TMK Sergey Ilyin. In its opinion, in the country there is no not which co-ordinating force which could estimate accurately requirements and branch possibilities. now, for example, all build the big rolling mills, - representative TMK speaks, - but nobody counted necessity for them for such quantity .