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Long-awaited Tenderness

Valery`s Singer will give a solo concert in Olympic

With it musicians from groups Pink Floyd and Pet Shop Boys worked. In 1993 to it have awarded a rank the Person of year . Its hits know many by heart, and the considerable number of admirers already has had time to get left recently biographic book. On November, 18th in SK Olympic Valery will present the new program under the name my Tenderness . At a concert songs from the album with the same name, left in the spring, and also the most known compositions and romances performed by the singer will sound. Unusual scenery and suits for performance are already ready.

Valery on the solo performances gives all the best completely. But there are they extremely seldom. Anyway, on capital platforms with personal performances the singer leaves infrequently. But every time it collects packed houses. For example, the previous performances Valerys in GTSKZ Russia in 2000 and in 2003 - m have passed in the State Kremlin palace at the notice. It is possible to expect, as a present concert in Olympic does not become an exception.

Besides, from this concert it is possible to expect and traditional live execution of songs. Besides the live orchestra will accompany the singer on Saturday.

Valery has arrived to submit Moscow as the classic would tell, from the present solitude. At first the native of the Saratov region has subdued musical Academy of Gnesinyh, and then hearts of jury of popular television competition the Morning star . Creative start of the singer was unusual for domestic the priest - the executor. At first Valery has written down English-speaking album The Taiga Symphony, and then a plate of Russian romances Stay with me . Its these works have heard and the European listeners and critics have estimated. The Russian admirers also have loved the singer: Valery has won a prize of spectator sympathies at competition Jurmala - 92 .

Further the singer tour, the notices, new albums, popularity and everything waited that to it accompanies. Including advertising contracts with the large companies. Nevertheless in 2001 the singer has been compelled to leave show - business. But after two years of Valery has returned to continue the career. With the new image, new songs it has triumphally returned on a scene. In December, 2003 Valery has received the musical award the Gold record player . Then its song the Watch perhaps, did not sing only the lazy. And year after it named the Best performer under the version of the Russian channel Muses - TV . And Record players in 2004 and 2005 again have got to its songs.

This spring Valery tested as model and has taken part in display of a collection of British fashion designer Dzhenni Pekhem. And one of dresses has been created specially for the Russian performer. Someone loves to Valery for gentle and remembered compositions, someone for frankness of its autobiographical book. And someone that in show - business it successfully combines work with a role of mother of the big family. Anyway to look at its performance in Olympic costs - who knows, when the singer will decide to give a solo concert next time.