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the Alpha took Amtel - Fredeshtajn

shinnoj the companies will be included Into board of directors two representatives the Alpha - Groups

In spite of the fact that the Alpha bank already owns 17 % of actions Amtel - Vredestein, bankers want to participate and in management of the Russian division shinnogo holding. In January meeting of shareholders of Open Society « Amtel - Fredeshtajn » plans to re-elect company board of directors. New council should include two representatives « Alphas » and the unique independent director, on the contrary, will leave the company.

As it became known yesterday, Open Society board of directors « Amtel - Fredeshtajn » (Russian « daughters » shinnogo holding Amtel - Vredestein) has called for January, 12th, 2007 extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the company. In particular, shareholders should select new structure of board of directors of the company. Now the board of directors includes four representatives Amtel - Vredestein and one independent director, but in the future the council structure should be expanded to seven persons. Two occasional seats will be occupied with representatives « the Alpha - Groups » Vagan Abgarjan and Denis Petushkov. Thus unique Valery Chichkanov independent directors will be replaced with the chief accountant « Amtel - Fredeshtajna » Tatyana Markin.

As have noted daily in Amtel - Vredestein, representatives « the Alpha - Groups » already are present at directing bodies of the head company of holding and « their presence at board of directors of the Russian company will give the chance to the second-large shareholder to participate more in detail in management of the company ». About the same tells also Vagan Abgarjan: « it is obvious that it becomes for strengthening of a management of a group of companies « Amtel - Fredeshtajn » by attraction of experience and knowledge of employees « Alpha - Groups ». Thus, as he said, in board of directors of the head company of holding Amtel - Vredestein independent directors remain, « no withdrawal from practice is present and is not planned, independent will necessarily work in the company, as before ».

we Will remind that the Alpha bank became shareholder Amtel - Vredestein last year through the « a daughter » Alfa Capital, having received during placing of actions Amtel - Vredestein about 12,4 %. This summer Alfa Capital has finished the share in the company to 17 %, and Anna vant the Fan, eks - head Amsterdam Trade Bank (Dutch « daughters » Alpha bank), became the representative in board shinnoj to the company.

Meanwhile last days in the market there were hearings that in Amtel - Vredestein has become interested in share purchase German Continental AG. On Monday Amtel - Vredestein has confirmed the fact of some meetings with representatives Continental, but the information on company sale named assumptions. Thus in the company notice that discussion of questions with company Continental AG concerns possible areas of cooperation in Russia, is thus at an early stage and will not necessarily lead to the conclusion of any agreements.

According to interrogated daily participants of the market, hearings about sale Amtel - Vredestein have helped to lift company capitalisation, « occurrence in the Russian division of representatives « Alphas » too works on this purpose ». So, if on Friday GDR the companies bargained at the London stock exchange on 4,15 dollars for a piece already yesterday quotations reached to 4,8 dollars for a piece. As the analyst of MDM - Bank Michael Galkin has noted, on these news have improved the quotation and debt papers of the company. « It is no wonder that hearings about occurrence of the large investor known in branch have led to growth of a stock value of the company » — Maxim Ivanov from IK « marks; TSetrInvest ». But - Vredestein he doubts serious interest Continental to purchase Amtel.


Group Amtel - Vredestein unites shinnyj factory Vredestein Banden in the Netherlands and factories « Amtel - the Volga region » (Kirov) and « Amtel - Chernozem region » (Voronezh), and also the chemical enterprise « Amtel - Kuzbas ». The Russian actives of group are included into Open Society « Amtel - Fredeshtajn ». Gain Amtel - Vredestein in the first half of the year has made 350 million dollars this year group plans to make about 7,2 million tyres, in particular about 3 million tyres under brand Amtel and 720 thousand tyres of brands Vredestein and Maloya.