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Apatite has outstripped officials

Industrial complex could conclude forbidden before the transaction

Having lost in the beginning of November dispute in court on return to state property of 20 % of actions « Apatite » officials, seemingly, hand over positions and on other fronts. Within several months they actually blocked deliveries apatitovogo raw materials on processing enterprises « FosAgro » breaking the conclusion of necessary commercial contracts. Now « Apatite » having used hitch of officials, could enter into agreements for the future at once for three years.

As extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Open Society « became known yesterday; Apatite » passed in the beginning of November, has approved some the interconnected transactions on deliveries apatitovogo a concentrate on the group enterprises « FosAgro ». According to the confirmed transactions « Apatite » will put till the end of 2009 to factory « Ammofos » 8,16 million t a concentrate on 17,2 — 20,11 mlrd rbl., « Balakovsky minudobrenijam » — 3,89 million t (on 8,21 — 10,2 mlrd rbl.), « Voskresensky minudobrenijam » — 2,6 million t (5,5 — 6,7 mlrd rbl.) . The price apatitovogo a concentrate for these consumers till the end of the year will make 1605 — 1615 rbl. Then the price can be reconsidered according to market conditions.

we Will remind that usual economic transactions, which « to Apatite » it was necessary to conclude repeatedly, this year have appeared are blocked by the state. Officials have used the right « a gold share » thereby seriously having complicated current work of the enterprises « FosAgro ». It has been made from giving of Federal agency on management of federal property (Rosimushchestvo). Thus within all year Rosimushchestvo tried to achieve in Arbitration court of Moscow of return to state property of 20 % of actions of Open Society « Apatite ». In the beginning of November officials have failed — the court has refused to Rosimushchestvu return to state property of 20 % of actions of Open Society « Apatite ».

to Receive comments of officials yesterday it was not possible. Refuse comments and in « FosAgro ». According to the source daily, business familiar with circumstances, now officials gradually hand over positions in opposition with the company. « however, high-grade removal of the veto from the conclusion of transactions on a concentrate has not occurred, — the interlocutor daily speaks. — the Company has concluded transactions directly with pererabotchikami raw materials, instead of with the marketing company as it was earlier ». Nevertheless, in its opinion, the concluded contracts will allow factories without fears to begin work in 2007.

Interrogated daily experts agree that for « FosAgro » this news positive. « pererabotchiki raw materials will receive the guaranteed volumes of deliveries, — Maxim Ivanov from group « speaks; TSentrInvest ». — But it would be better, if the formula of an establishment of the prices has been registered in contracts subsequently also. After all as that market price of apatite in Russia is not present ». The question of the price of apatite pursues some years « FosAgro ». This year to one of independent consumers « Apatite » — « to Akron » it was possible to achieve in court of the conclusion of the direct five years` contract with the fixed price in 1600 rbl. for concentrate ton. Michael Stiskin from « Three Dialogue » considers that taking into account development of deposits and increase of the cost price of manufacture « to Apatite » it would be more favourable to rise the next three years of the price for apatite. « but for the enterprises to lead up it to a maximum it would be unprofitable, — he has noted daily. « But in the conditions of a presentation « to Apatite » tax claims for 2001 — 2003 the company cannot make for related pererabotchikov the price below the market » — analyst IK « has noted daily; Antanta the Capital » George Ivanin.


the manufacturer of raw materials Largest in Russia for release of fertilizers — apatitovogo and nefelinovogo a concentrate — « Apatite » enters into holding « FosAgro » which also unites several manufacturers of mineral fertilizers. In 2005 « Apatite » has made 8,75 million t apatitovogo and 1,6 million t nefelinovogo a concentrate. A gain « Apatite » in the third quarter 2006 has made 14,4 mlrd rbl., dead loss — 1,8 mlrd rbl.