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Phantoms have found a flesh

In the European hire there was Milosha Forman`s new tape

One of these days in Madrid premier display of a new film of director Milosha Forman has taken place. 74 - the summer master, the author of such tapes, as the People against Larri of Flint Amadej and Flight over a nest of a cuckoo the new work has devoted to artist Fransisko Goje. Removed for 50 million dollars a drama Phantoms of Goji in language of the great artist is called really picturesquely - Los fantasmas de Goya. The basic actor`s structure, naturally, Spanish, and leading roles have executed Javier Bardem and Natali Portman.

Admirers oskaronosnogo waited for the Czech director Forman this film long. At first shootings was planned to begin in 2002, but work on a tape have started only in September, 2005. And here now Phantoms of Goji After the Spanish spectators in November German and Italian film fans will see. Picture action is developed in Spain 1792 - go, in blossoming of creativity of Fransisko Goji. In the film centre - history of mutual relations of a muse of artist Ines (it Natali Portman has played), accused of heresy, and the ominous Catholic monk performed by Javier Bardema. According to the Spanish actor, he counted on a role of Goji. to Play monk Lorentso is still bolshy a call, - Javier Bardem has told in notes to a film. - I would name the hero the fanatic .

the Theme of inquisition for Spaniards has almost same value, as well as Goya. And Milosh Forman is, seemingly, solidary with Spaniards. Half a century ago the director has read the book about the Spanish inquisition and has felt its echo in own life: at first at nazis, and then at communists. Milosh Forman was born in 1932 in a family of the teacher of the literature in the Czech city of Chaslav. The future president Vaclav Gavel, and the teacher - the future writer Milan Kundera was its schoolmate. Nazis have arrested father Forman for lectures for which he recommended to the forbidden Shakespeare and Hemingway`s students. Parents of the future director were lost in German concentration camp Auschwitz.

Fransisko Goya, as well as Milosh Forman, has felt all cargo of time which has dropped out on its share. In the pictures it has embodied inquisition, the French intrusion into Spain and restoration by British of a monarchy in Madrid. In 1791 the artist has met duchess Alba who became its muse and a beloved. Year after Goya hardly has not died of the serious illness which has taken away from it hearing. During recover the artist has begun work on the well-known series of etchings - Los caprichos. Forman also tells about this period of life of Fransisko Goji in the new film.

shootings Phantoms of Goji passed in vicinities of Madrid, in district under the name of Boadilja del Monte. To carry out the project, Forman has enclosed more than 300 thousand euro in restoration of a palace of prince Luis. As sets also have been chosen park in Madrid and streets of Salamanca and Segovia, in the past already amazed imagination of the director. Now Milosh Forman wants, that Spain remained in heart of all its spectators.