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Whether takes Spartak an example with Chelsea ?

Today Muscovites will meet with Bavaria in a match of a group stage of League of champions

Moscow Spartak in the championship of Russia all problems has solved, having taken the second place and having acquired the right to play League of champions next year. Actually it is red - white it is necessary to spend two important games: against Bavaria and sportinga . But these matches just also will define, how much successful there was a season at a command.

a problem - a maximum Spartak has not executed - the champion of Russia did not become. In League - the same situation to get to the following stage it will not be possible. The exit in an UEFA Cup would be that major note on which Vladimir Fedotova`s wards would like to finish a season. But for this purpose it is necessary for them to beat Bavaria .

the German command in the championship now not bleshchet. More truly, she struggles for leadership, but for Bavaria got used to confident victories in the championship, it is not enough of it. But in league of champions she confidently heads group. Besides in the first match against Spartaka mjunhentsy have hammered in four meek balls. In that match champions of Germany have shown, how should play on - to the present a hot team. Bavaria realised almost all moments. And Spartak had more possibilities to hammer, but to gate has not got never. After that Bavaria has easily enough solved an exit problem in plej - off Leagues of champions, having won Inter and sporting . The drawn game in the second match against the Portuguese club already solved nothing for German club. And in all games mjunhentsy played easy as though saving forces. A pier, we can add, if we will want, but whether it is necessary?

Spartak On the contrary, has almost left chances to continue performance in Euro cups in the spring. To get at least to an UEFA Cup, it is necessary to take the third place in group. And to it while it is very far. Two defeats successively from Milan Intera have rejected Muscovites in the end of standings. A unique point which have earned it is red - white it has been extracted in a house match against sportinga .

It turns out what to lose Bavaria spartakovtsy have no right. At certain variants probably, what even the drawn game will not suit the Moscow club. Pleases that it is red - white it will be not obligatory to resist that invincible Bavaria . Having solved tournament problems, Germans can bring not the strongest structure. After all the intense calendar sometimes forces clubs to keep leaders in those games which have no basic value. Certainly, it is not necessary to hope for favour of contenders. It is necessary to count only on itself and to try to show football, worthy Leagues of champions. As all necessary at Spartaka for this purpose is available. The infirmary is almost empty, in the good form there are leaders, in-Russian problems are solved. As has shown the first match against Bavaria to create the moments at it is red - white it turns out. It is necessary to realise all of them or at least the majority. Pleases that in last matches has corrected a sight the best bombardir the championship of Russia Roman Pavluchenko. And Egor Titov, at last, has scored the 100-th goal in career and to stop on it does not gather.

a unique problem which can arise at Spartaka concerns goalkeepers. The basic goalkeeper Vojtseh Kovalevski only left recently hospital after a brain concussion. And its doubler Dmitry Homich was traumatised in a hip in last match of the championship of Russia against Rostov and with a high probability with Bavaria cannot play. It means that in gate it is necessary to rise to Alexey Zuevu, the goalkeeper skilled enough, but astable. On the other hand, the history with " is still fresh; Chelsea . The London club, having lost two basic goalkeepers, began to win all successively. Why Spartaku not to follow an example Roman Abramovich`s command?

Leonid Edlin