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VAT has begun manufacture of the most expensive cigarettes in Russia

Now all marks of cigarettes British American Tobacco sold in our country (BAT) will be made at the Russian enterprises of the company: in November release of last import brand Dunhill has begun in St.-Petersburg. Such step to the company explain active growth of consumption Dunhill in Russia. Meanwhile, according to experts, consumers can negatively apprehend news as there is an opinion that it is a priori better than mark of import manufacture domestic. Tabachniki in turn assert that on experience were convinced of incorrectness of such statement.

for the first time cigarettes Dunhill to Russia were brought in the spring of 1994 by company Rothmans International in which property at that point in time there was this mark. In 1999 BAT declared merge with Rothmans International, having added in the a portfolio brands Rothmans, Dunhill and Vogue. Share Dunhill in the world market on the end of 2005 made 0,57 %. Till November of this year imported to Russia Dunhill it was made at factory BAT in the British Southampton.

as the operating director " has declared yesterday; Bath Russia John Taylor, the decision on manufacture Dunhill in Russia has been dictated by growth of popularity of mark among consumers. According to BAT, sales volume Dunhill for nine months 2006 has grown more than six times in comparison with the similar period of last year. In September, according to research ACNielsen, mark 0,8 % of the Russian tobacco market belonged.

making Dunhill in Russia, we will manage to reduce essentially term of delivery of cigarettes, and also more operatively and flexibly to react to changes in demand and expectations of our consumers - has told g - n Taylor. In company BAT also consider that mark manufacture in Russia will allow to lower costs in the form of the duty for import. Thus, mark in the company, the given fact will not be reflected in any way in cost Dunhill in retail. In BAT do not exclude that in the future for manufacture Dunhill can be involved and other capacities of the company in Russia.

other large tobacco manufacturers working in the Russian market, also or generally, or have completely transferred manufacture of marks sold in our country on local manufactures. by 2002 we the first among the international tobacco companies began to make in Russia of marks of 100 % of cigarettes Philip Morris presented in the Russian market - the operating director affilirovannyh companies Philip Morris International in Russia and Belarus has declared daily Leo Maklohlin.

According to the managing director on company JTI public relations in Russia Anatoly Vereschagin if the mark has potential its manufacture to Russia is reasonable to translate. Almost all brands which JTI sells in Russia, are made here, on capacities of factory Petro - has told g - n Vereschagin daily. - Exceptions are made by brand Lucia, it has been started recently and while it is made only in Japan. There are still cigarettes More 120 mm which are made in Switzerland .

Meanwhile as experts mark, carrying over of manufacture of tobacco marks from the foreign enterprises on the domestic is fraught with decrease in trust of consumers. they have a bias that abroad cigarettes do better, than in Russia, - the editor-in-chief of branch news agency " marks; Russian tobacco Maxim Korolev. - therefore after start of manufacture Dunhill in Russia growth of consumption of this mark can be slowed down, but it will be a temporary phenomenon .

However, tabachniki with such statement do not agree. So for example when Philip Morris transferred manufacture Marlboro to Russia, experts of the company took into consideration such risk, but subsequently, in their opinion, it has not proved to be true.


BAT, working in Russia since 1994, has three tobacco enterprises in the country: Bath Java (Moscow), Bath - SPb (St.-Petersburg) and Bath - STF (Saratov). According to ACNielsen, on the end of June of this year the company took the second place in the Russian tobacco market from shares of 21,4 % (in natural expression). Sales of cigarettes in 2005 have exceeded 73 mlrd pieces. In a company portfolio marks Kent, Vogue, Rothmans, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Viceroy, " are presented; Java Java Gold Alliance.