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Hotels from Kerimova

Nafta will enclose in hotel business nearby 2 mlrd dollars

Open Company « Nafta To » supervised by businessman Sulejmanom Kerimovym, will operate the hotel actives belonging to the government of Moscow. Yesterday Yury Luzhkov has signed the order about Open Society creation « the Incorporated hotel company » (Open Society « OGK ») In which « Nafta To » will receive 51 %, a city — 49 %. Moscow will bring in an authorised capital stock of the company of the action of some hotels, « Nafta To » — money resources at the rate about 2 mlrd dollars

According to the assistant to the mayor on international and to Joseph Ordzhonikidze`s foreign economic relations, Open Society creation « OGK » it is directed on formation of a new control system by a hotel economy of capital: « the Policy of sale of the hotel actives belonging to a city, has not justified itself, as the received means were washed away under different items of expenditure and did not come back back in branch ».

the city will bring packages of 15 hotels In an authorised capital stock of a management company - Open Society « Rising » (100 %), Open Society « Orehovo » (100 %), Open Society « Sayan mountains » (100 %), Open Society « Uchebno - treningovaja hotel » (100 %), Open Society « GAO « Moscow » (100 %), Open Company « Balchug » (69 %), Open Company « Intur - the Renaissance » (51 %), Open Society « It is Moscow - the Uzbek hotel centre » (50 %), Open Society « Mega - M » (50 %), Open Society « Dekmos » (49 %), Open Society « Hotel « Budapest » (30 %), Open Company « the joint venture « Metropol » (30 %), Open Society « Infa - hotel » (16 %) and Open Society « Baikal ». Besides, OGK the stock got as a result of privatisation five GUPov which hotels « now are will be transferred; Altai » « Budapest » « Kuzminki » « natsional » and « the Tourist ».

« Nafta To » by words g - on Ordzhonikidze, will enter into Open Society « OGK » « live » money. He has assumed that the share of the investor in an authorised capital stock can make 2 mlrd dollars However the exact size of investments becomes known after the city will spend market estimation of cost of the actives. « anyway for this money it will be possible to carry out reconstruction of out-of-date hotels, and also to construct new hotels the house-keeper - a class, first of all on the basis of series houses « Anniversary » » — has declared g - n Orzhonikidze.

the General director « Nafta To » Tatyana Bashmakova recognised that hotel business is not profile for the company. « but we do not have doubts in perspectivity of this direction » — she has added.

the New structure becomes the tool for attraction of additional investments into hotel branch, in particular building and reconstruction of inexpensive hotels, the senior vice-president Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels Marina Usenko considers: « The company can both to put own means, and to take credits on the security of actives belonging to it ».

However the majority of experts believe that arrival « Nafty » it is connected with repartition in the capital hotel market. In their opinion, the new structure will have an opportunity to redistribute actions of city hotels, passing auctions. Participants of the market remind that the companies connected with Sulejmanom Kerimovym, seldom are final buyers of actives. Controlling stocks « Glavmosstroy » « mosmontazhspetsstroja » and « mospromstrojmaterialov » subsequently have been got « the Base element » Oleg Deripaska. And actions « mospromstroja » and Mosstrojekonombanka are redeemed by shareholders BIN - bank which is supervised by Michael Gutsiriev.

the Leading expert of the Center of corporate protection the Novel Parshin considers that g - n Kerimov has come to hotel business for a year - two: « It re-structures business, probably, will achieve allocation of the attractive ground areas, and then will resell it ».


Open Company « Nafta To » owns operators of a cable television « National cable networks » (NKS) and capital « mostelekomom ». Besides, since February, 2006 the company is the representative of offshore Dair Assets Limited who posesses hardly more than 2 % of voting actions of MGTS, or 1,67 % of an authorised capital stock of the operator. Open Company « Nafta To » belongs to the Cyprian offshore.