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Heavy prize

Participants of auction on Open Society property the Muscovite go on serious risks

In a week demands acceptance for participation in auction where a uniform prize will expose 54 objects of the real estate belonging to gone bankrupt Open Society " comes to the end; the Muscovite . As it was possible to find out daily, auction will be difficult. It is connected with set of problems and obremeneny exposed property. In spite of the fact that the prize is unique on size, did not arrive yet demands from interested persons to take part in the tender. Participants of the market notice what participate in it the largest developers can only, however they yet do not show enthusiasm. According to lawyers, participants of auction should undergo to serious risks from - for specificity of the current legislation.

as the competitive managing director of Open Society " has told daily; the Muscovite Alexander Ivanov, the starting price which makes 5,5 mlrd rbl. It was defined taking into account problematical character of a prize. He has noticed that in a property complex huge possibilities and huge difficulties for potential buyers " are concluded;. Among the difficult moments g - n Ivanov names neuregulirovannost ground relations: Contracts on rent of sites either come to an end, or have already ended, and these questions should be solved to the new proprietor .

the prize includes the objects of real estate which are on two industrial platforms of Open Society the Muscovite - old (Volgograd pr - t, 32) and new (Volgograd pr - t, 42). The majority of objects on an old platform has been constructed in 1930-1950 - h years, on new - in 1960-1980 - h. The competitive managing director has noted: the Majority of buildings is characterised by considerable degree of deterioration: communications " are in most cases destroyed;. He also has informed that the best objects standing on the first line from highway, have been sold earlier. At existing obremenenijah, confirms g - n Ivanov, it is good, if the prize is realised at the initial price.

the director of management of commercial real estate of the company MIEL Andrey Bushin notices that market price considerably above starting, however obremenenija are so serious that most likely the few will apply for this site. With it the chief of department of marketing of the company " agrees also; Quarter Pavel Epihin. Among possible participants participants of the market name large developers, such as DSK - 1, Inteko the SOU - 155, PEAK. However in the SOU - 155 daily have informed that do not plan to take part in auction. value represents the ground area under buildings, - have explained in a press - company service. - and a purpose of the Moscow government on this territory - search of the strategic investor for manufacture development . In Inteko Also have not confirmed intention to participate in auction.

one more unpleasant moment for potential participants of auction consists in expected problems with deposit return (20 % of the starting price, that is more than 1 mlrd rbl.) . As has explained g - n Ivanov, the deposit will arrive into the enterprise account - the bankrupt and means will be directed on debts repayment on a salary and taxes, therefore returning of money lost the tender can essentially be tightened.

the lawyer of Bar Barshchevsky and partners Vladimir Bukarev notices that usually the deposit is transferred into account the organizer of the auctions who is responsible for their return to participants. in the case under consideration from Open Society the Muscovite the auctions are unpromising, as there are very big risks of a non-return of the deposit - he considers. Another interrogated daily the lawyer asserts that such situation has developed from - for chosen procedures of tendering and specificity of the current legislation about bankruptcy.