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Gazprom - Media the regional teleguide

On regional expansion of the edition " starts; Panorama TV - the Country it will spend 15 million dollars

Yesterday in Moscow has taken place a press - conference of one of the largest Russian media holdings Gazprom - Media . Representatives of holding have officially sounded for the first time weekly plans for development - the teleguide Panorama TV - the Country . In Gazprom - Media expect to enclose in the regional teleguide of 15 million dollars and to deduce the edition on self-support already to the beginning of 2008. Participants of the market consider that investments for realisation Gazprom - Media there is quite enough.

about plans for development of the teleguide Panorama TV - the Country the general director " yesterday has told; Gazprom - Media Nikolay Senkevich. As he said, the teleguide will be started in 11 cities - millionnikah across all Russia - in Ekaterinburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhni Novgorod and other megacities. It will be calculated on mass audience, therefore retail cost of one number will make about 6 rbl. we Will remind that now the edition Panorama TV leaves mainly in St.-Petersburg in the general circulation about 1,2 million copies.

as representatives " have explained; Gazprom - Media for the edition of the federal version of the teleguide Open Company " has been created; Panorama TV - the Country where 51 % of shares belongs Gazprom - Media and 49 % - Joint-Stock Company Media - a press which the teleguide in St.-Petersburg publishes. It is known that regional versions Panoramas TV will leave on a newsprint in colour, differing from the version for Northern capital quantity of strips: At their regional releases will be 72, while at sankt - their Petersburg version more than 100. Till now the idea of the federal teleguide has not been up to the end realised, - has declared yesterday g - n Senkevich. - existing teleguides are guided mainly by separately taken region. Now we plan to leave in 11 regions and to increase the geography. Considering a resource which at us is, we count that the project will be successful. panorama TV - the Country and Seven days will allow us to capture all market .

By words g - on Senkevich, volume of investments in the teleguide Panorama TV - the Country will make about 15 million dollars, the edition starts in December of this year with 320 thousand circulation ekzepljarov, and to spring of 2007 should leave in circulation of 800 thousand copies in 11 largest regional centres of Russia. The recoupment point, according to Nikolay Senkevich, should have on the beginning of 2008. The basic competitor of the new edition in Gazprom - Media consider the largest Russian national teleguide the Aerial - Teleseven .

Participants of the market consider that the volume of investments planned Gazprom - Media for the project, it is quite sufficient. more than it is enough for the project of such circulation of 15 million dollars, - president ID Rodionova Alexey Volin speaks. - the Market good, teleguides involve the reader and if the people read, to advertisers this project becomes interesting. Though the competition on it high, is chance to leave on self-support in the planned terms .