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Newspapers are given on outsourcing

by the European and American publishers search for experts in India

Many foreign media companies for the purpose of reduction of expenses transfer a number of functions to non-staff experts. India, where a salary more low, than in Europe and the USA becomes the centre of such outsourcing.

now many printing mass-media have hard time, it is connected with reduction of advertising incomes which are redistributed in favour of electronic mass-media both new media. And newspapers are compelled to cut down own expenses. Transfer of a part of functions of publishing houses to the foreign companies and non-staff workers became one of ways of economy. India becomes the centre of such outsourcing, and among customers appear not only printing mass-media, but also on-line editions.

now on the largest rekrutingovom portal MonsterIndia. com it is possible to find following announcements: Urgently is required the journalist writing about business and wishing to work in the evening (that corresponds to a day time in Great Britain) . Two years ago one world news agency has opened branch in India, having employed 13 journalists which problem consisted in processing of the information on the financial reporting of the companies. Branch work has appeared so effective that now its staff is increased to hundred journalists.

under the outsourcing scheme are involved not only journalists, but also designers, photoeditors. The American newspaper The Columbus Dispatch from the State of Ohio has abolished own department of designers and has transferred their functions of Indian company Affinity Express. The same plans declared recently the Californian newspaper The Contra Costa Times. The Reuters agency also has moved the division which is engaged in processing of photographic materials, from Washington to Singapore. And the Viennese newspaper Vorarlberger Nachrichten has charged working out own a web - a site to experts from Romania.

the matter is that the salary of employees from these countries much more low, than at their European and American colleagues, and duty which transfer to them, rutinny. According to the assistant to the general director prof - Media Evgenie Abova, now outsourcing services in publishing business extend, but workers who involve under this scheme, are occupied improvised, instead of really important and responsible work. in Russia while there are no the structures giving such services. And our publishers can resort to them only in the event that the product in which quality there will be no doubts and when autsorsit it will be more favourable will be offered, than to contain own staff - speaks g - n Abov.