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Motorola have refused business reputation

RussGPS continues to struggle for patent payments

Appeal court of Moscow has refused Motorola the claim to the little-known Russian company RussGPS accusing of infringement of the patent rights of the American manufacturer of phones. Motorola demanded 442,6 million rbl. for a damage put to business and business reputation, but the court has considered the appeal of the manufacturer unpersuasive. RussGPS continues to insist on patent payments from American vendora, but experts do not prophesy success to this business.

yesterday the appeal court has confirmed the decision of arbitration court from September, 13th about refusal in claim Motorola to company RussGPS about protection of business reputation and collecting of losses at a rate of 442,6 million rbl. “ We have carried this case in all respects. In - the first, charges Motorola have appeared groundless: I did not say anything that would not represent the facts, - chairman of board of directors RussGPS Pavel Panov has declared daily. - in - the second to collect from us about 18 million dollars for ostensibly terminated contracts with dealers and not worked advertising actions in court have counted the requirement also insolvent “.

In Motorola were more reserved. “ we wait obosnovatelnoj for a judgement part, it should come within ten days. After our lawyers will study it, we will reflect, what actions to undertake “ - has informed a press - secretary Motorola Cyril Lubnin. The claim about protection of business reputation Motorola has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow still on June, 6th this year.

the statement of claim vendora became a result of the loud scandal connected with withdrawal at “ Euronetworks “ parties of phones Motorola for the sum over 19 million dollars Except charges in illegal import of devices law enforcement bodies named a part of party hazardous to health and have destroyed these tubes. To business about illegal import of dangerous phones have attached firm RussGPS claim about bringing to criminal liability of representatives of company Motorola and “ the Euronetwork “ for illegal use of patents “ on useful model To - 31183 “ the Mobile terminal of communication “.

In statement RussGPS it was informed that “ the patented useful model “ the Mobile terminal of communication “ it is illegally used by company Motorola by manufacture of mobile phones of models Ρ115, Ρ261, Ρ333, ΡΗ9Ξ, Ε365, L6 and L7, delivered in Russia for the company “ the Euronetwork “ which in turn by means of a wide retail network carries out trade in phones Motorola of the specified models “.

This charge in Motorola have counted as slander and have brought an action the claim. “ Independent experts from the Russian patent agency IP Pro and American jurfirmy Brinks, Hofer, Gilson &Lione, having analysed phones, have confirmed that they “ do not contain the devices protected by patent RussGPS “ - Cyril Lubnin has declared, having explained that claims for 18 million to RussGPS develop of two parts. In 7 million dollars the corporation has estimated a reputation damage, and in 11 million dollars - the direct damage developing of publicity expenses of these models, the broken off contracts with dealers on sale of phones of disputable models.

RussGPS the poorly simple fact of a victory in appeal instance, she intends to achieve patent payments from Motorola. According to Pavel Panova, now the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow considers the statement of claim about infringement of patents. “ we struggle for truth and we want to receive with Motorola at least rouble if only all was on justice. Motorola can buy these patents. What is 10 million dollars For the company which annually delivers to Russia phones on 700-750 million? “ - head RussGPS is perplexed.

However, in the decision from August, 14th, available daily, about the criminal case termination about illegal import of dangerous phones it is written: “ to Refuse criminal case excitation under the message on the commission of crime, the criminal code of Russian Federation provided by item 147 stated in statements of representatives RussGPS of Panova P. A “. However, as assures g - n Sirs, business has not been stopped, it have only transferred from the Transport Office of Public Prosecutor considering customs cases, in Moscow. He also has informed that employees of its company some times within last month went on interrogations on this business.

participants of the market doubt that RussGPS will be possible to become successful. According to the president “ Euronetworks “ Eldara Razroeva, “ trick RussGPS was similar to banal blackmail “. “ Whether well it is ridiculous, when the small not clear company tries to blackmail the large international telecommunication manufacturer, - is indignant g - n Razroev. It is indecent! If they have well-founded claims, patents what for to go to Office of Public Prosecutor? It is necessary to address in court, instead of to militia “.