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Gazprom has persuaded the prices for gas

Officials the in-Russian prices

gas Controlled price in Russia by 2010 are ready to rise considerably will make an order 90 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m, the head of department of Federal Agency of tariffs (FST) Denis Volkov has declared yesterday. It means doubling of wholesale price of gas which in 2006 has developed at level 45 dollars for what it is required to index annually tariffs for blue fuel at least on 25 %. According to experts if rise in prices is gradual, without effect a shock therapy the Russian economy should endure it rather without serious consequences.

G - n Wolves has informed that at discussion of a tariff policy in gas branch the profile ministries have come to a common position that gas wholesale price in home market of the Russian Federation should pay off by a principle net - back, that is the price in the export market a minus a cost of transportation and the export duty. However, as he said, today this level is unattainable, as in 4 times exceeds developed cost of gas, but by 2012 it to reach already really.

at the same time head NOVATEKa Leonid Mihelson, having referred to estimations of experts, has declared yesterday that by 2010 wholesale price for gas should make at all 90 dollars, and 110-120 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m, and by 2015 - 130-140 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m. Gazprom at all did not count on an annual rise in prices for 25 %: in 2006 he asked to increase a marginal level of tariffs for gas in the Russian Federation by 22 %, and has received 11 %.

For 2007 inquiries of monopoly remained practically at former level - 22-24 %, however MERT suggests to increase wholesale prices for gas for all groups of consumers in 2007 by 15 %, in 2008 - m - on 14 %, in 2009 - m - on 13 %. However recently the director of profile department Minpromenergo Vyacheslav Kravchenko has declared that 15 - percentage growth for 2007 is not sufficient, wholesale prices for gas in the Russian Federation, in its opinion, should grow higher rates, than now.

Increase of tariffs for gas became for today an absolute must, and level 90 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m by 2010 is quite proved, the expert - an analyst of gas branch of Institute of problems of natural monopolies Alexey Belogorev speaks. As he said, principal causes it is possible to allocate two. The first is connected with changes in resource base gazodobychi. Traditional, become already habitual deposits to Nadym - Pur - Tazovsky area JANAO are exhausted today, - the expert marks. - to fill falling it is possible only at the expense of development of Yamal and a shelf of northern seas. But if on the Urengojsky deposit the cost price of extraction of 1 thousand in cubic m of gas makes today 13 dollars That on Yamal, owing to considerable expenses for development, it will be above in 2,5-3 times. And if tariffs thus do not grow, the gas industry to the middle of 2010 will already work simply at a loss .

the Second reason, in opinion g - on Belogoreva, is connected with unreasonably high consumption level of gas in Russia in comparison with other developed countries. Restriction of internal demand or at least rates of its growth probably to carry out two ways: having created conditions for an interfuel competition at which to electric power industry and housing and communal services will be more favourable to use coal instead of gas, and it probably to carry out, only twice having increased the prices for gas; and introducing power effective technologies. The potential gazosberezhenija in Russia reaches 175 mlrd cubic m, that is to 40 % of all consumption, the expert speaks. it is a huge resource, but for its use consumers do not have not enough stimulus. Sharp rise in prices for gas also urged to become such stimulus - he marks.

experts consider that is most worse at such indexation of the prices for gas it is necessary to industrial production, better, certainly, gas branch. We will remind that recently some investment banks have already started to reconsider the forecasts at the prices of actions of the gas companies, first of all NOVATEKa. Besides, in hope of a rise in prices of gas to invest in extraction of blue fuel oil industry workers have solved. The trailblazer on this direction considers LUKOIL, however last week Rosneft has declared that within several years becomes one of leaders of the Russian gas branch. The important player of gas branch can become and the multinational corporation - BP, especially in case of successful end of the conflict round Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnogo deposits.