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The multinational corporation - BP will sell 120 gas stations

And invests in processing 1 mlrd dollars

the multinational corporation - BP has sounded the plans on disposal of not profile actives in processing. By words Anthony Konsidajna, the vice-president of the company, Russian - the British holding this year intends to sell own 60 refuellings and as much again - in 2007. Simultaneously the company is going to buy new sites under building of the gas station or to get a refuelling network at competitors.

according to the vice-president of the multinational corporation - BP, in Russia the company now posesses 620 gas stations, 50 from which works under brand BP. Average efficiency of sales on each of refuellings as has informed g - n Konsidajn at a briefing on Tuesday, from the beginning of this year has on the average grown on 10 %, from 3,7 million to 4,1 million in l. Further the holding plans to develop refuellings under two brands: the multinational corporation and BP. Besides, the company works with 300 dzhobberami to which delivers the fuel of the multinational corporation. Opening dzhobberskih refuellings under brand BP in holding strategy is not provided.

all in processing within five years the company intends to invest 1 mlrd dollars, including means for reconstruction of the NPZ. G - n Konsidajn has underlined that strategy of development of business าอK - BP does not provide building of new processing capacities. 500 thousand dollars more Russian - the British holding expects to spend for marketing. By words a top - the manager, within the limits of the program on disposal of not profile actives it will be sold 120 so-called malolikvidnyh autorefuellings which make the minimum profit, for example located in countryside and slabozaselennyh zones. And g - n Konsidajn has underlined that the part of refuellings will be at all closed and reorientated, and the earth under them “ will return to primary owners “.

Thus total number of refuellings of the company will not change, as it plans to get more liquid actives in Moscow, Tula, Ryazan, Kursk, Kaluga, Rostov, St.-Petersburg and other cities. Also, as has declared g - n Konsidajn, answering a question daily, the multinational corporation - BP is interested in acquisition of actives of YUKOS, including the gas station but only in the event that they will be on sale not big, and “ broken “ a package.

Grigory Sergienko, the head of the Russian fuel union, underlines that the part malolikvidnyh refuellings with which now owns the multinational corporation - BP, has been constructed in the Soviet years with use not the most ecologically favorable technologies. Therefore the earth under them demands rekultivatsii for which it is necessary to spend considerable means. The expert believes that the part from 120 gas stations of the multinational corporation - BP could be interesting to the companies whose NPZ are present at those regions in which sold autorefuellings are located and which are present in the fuel market of these regions.

participants of the market are ready to consider offers on purchase of refuellings of the multinational corporation - BP, however will start with first of all a price and profitability question. LUKOIL doubt that it will be interesting to them to have on balance of autorefuelling which cannot be deduced on a break-even sales level from above 4 t oil products a day. They will sell the retail fuel actives, which level of profitability below the declared figure. In the company have informed that such refuellings in Russia at the company about ten. At the same time they are ready to consider offers on purchase of refuellings of the multinational corporation - BP, but will be guided by their arrangement and the price. In “ Rosneft “ Gather any offer on sale of actives in retail to consider from the point of view of economic feasibility. “ Russneft “ will look narrowly also at refuellings of competitors, and the actives in retail does not plan to reduce.

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