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LUKOIL had a contender

Unipetrol the Transaction on acquisition by LUKOIL 16 wants to receive share ConocoPhillips in Czech NPZ

- percentage share ConocoPhillips in Czech NPZ Ceska Rafinerska is under the threat of failure. Other shareholder of factory - under control Polish PKN Orlen Czech Unipetrol - wants to redeem share Conoco as majority shareholder NPZ. Analysts say that at LUKOIL transaction can break seeming almost absolute.

we confirm our high degree of interest in increase in the share in Ceska Rafinerska and we hope that ConocoPhillips will make the first proposal to other shareholders NPZ, following norms of the agreement between partners - has informed daily a press - secretary Unipetrol of Mikaela Lagronova. In turn the chief of department on work from mass-media of owner Unipetrol, the Polish company PNK Orlen, Pavel Poreba, has refused comments. All decisions under the repayment of actions are accepted by management Unipetrol - he has declared daily. Other shareholders Czech NPZ - Eni and Shell - do not plan to sell the share, have told in the companies.

shareholders Ceska Rafinerska are Unipetrol (51 %), Shell, Eni and ConocoPhillips (they own on 16,33 %), and deliver raw materials on factory. In 2005 it has processed 7,1 million t oil. Last week president ConocoPhillips James Malva has declared that considers the obvious buyer its shares in Czech NPZ LUKOIL. The hope of Kazakova has estimated 16,33 % of a share in the company in 245 million dollars recognising that factory processes davalcheskoe raw materials, and then returns to its companies - to suppliers.

as there is an agreement between participants NPZ Rafinerska about the right of priority of the repayment of a share of any of participants NPZ, ConocoPhillips cannot sell the share to LUKOIL, without having offered at first this share to the partners on NPZ - the senior lawyer Tenzor Consulting Group Alla Derzhavin speaks. In opinion g - zhi Kazakovoj, LUKOIL can apply for 16,33 % only in case of unacceptable for Unipetrol the prices.

but Artem of Deaths from YOKES ATON considers that the given package is too small, that from - for it LUKOIL entered the serious conflict to majority shareholder NPZ. And g - zha Kazakova believes, what exactly from - that share Conoco is insignificant, Unipetrol will allow to LUKOIL it to get. however Unipetrol can demand from LUKOIL of guarantees that that will not increase the share further - she speaks.

at the same time analysts notice that the probability of repayment Unipetrol of share Conoco is close to 100 %. And it means that at LUKOIL the transaction which success practically did not raise the doubts again can break. Let`s remind that in the beginning of October signing of the contract with Kuwait Petroleum International on purchase NPZ in Rotterdam has been without day postponed, LUKOIL has left the tender on acquisition Libyan Tamoil, owning three NPZ and 3 thousand gas station in Europe. In a hover there is also a transaction on acquisition NPZ Coryton at BP in Great Britain. Besides, LUKOIL prospects on building or occurrence in capital NPZ in Turkey are up to the end unknown. The building FEASIBILITY REPORT should be finished by the end of the year. Purchase of 23 % Greek Hellenic Petroleum also has broken.

Nevertheless LUKOIL management full optimism. Last week the president of the company Vahid Alakbarov has declared that the group is adjusted on long-term deliveries to the European market: We plan to get new actives in Europe and to provide with its deliveries of oil . As he said, acquisitions including in Northern Europe, " are planned; there is a number of alternative offers On increase in processing capacities in East Mediterranean. In particular, the company can enter into the capital of already operating oil refining factories. Possibility of increase in capacity belonging to LUKOIL Bulgarian NPZ in Burgas approximately on 30 % is considered.

to Receive the comment in ConocoPhillips it was not possible. And in a press - to LUKOIL service have declared daily that taking into account last errors before end of the transaction the company will not do comments.