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Chineses will drill Turkmenia

Niyazov the President of Turkmenia employs CNPC for service works on the largest gas deposit

the Southern Iolotan which stocks are estimated in 7 trln by cubic m. has allowed (CNPC) to participate the Chinese state oil and gas company in working out of a gas deposit It is the decision became unexpected for Gazprom to which also designated participation in the project. Experts do not exclude that Saparmurat Niyazov will direct a vector of deliveries of gas on the east to weaken dependence on the Russian pipelines.

yesterday it became known that Saparmurat Niyazov has signed the decision allowing state corporation Turkmengeologija to conclude the contract with Chantsinsky petroprospecting management (enters into structure CNPC) for a period of three years on performance of service services in drilling of 12 gas chinks by design depth to 5 thousand M on a deposit Southern Iolotan and other deposits for a total sum of 151,9 million dollars

Earlier during signing of the three-year contract with Gazprom on sale of gas the president of Turkmenia already mentioned the Iolotansky deposit. He named the contract with the Russian company superfavourable having added that Gazprom will be the first foreign company admitted to extraction on continent. However the Russian monopolist did not begin to conclude the contract before documentary acknowledgement of stocks of Southern Iolotanja. Yesterday representatives Gazprom were inaccessible to comments.

in the beginning of November at a meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank - Walter Shtajnmajerom g - n Niyazov named the stocks of natural gas of Iolotanja found Turkmen geologists the new centre of the world`s largest deposit also has estimated them in 7 trln cubic m that exceeds stocks of Shtokmana (3,7 trln cubic) almost twice. However observers believe that the data about stocks of Southern Iolotanja has preliminary character. while it is not known that itself represents this deposit - analyst GK " speaks; Region Valery Vajsberg. It reminds that Turkmenia has not opened till now results of the international audit of the stocks of natural gas.

we will remind that Chinese CNPC already participates in a number of oil and gas projects in the Central Asia. In Turkmenia the company has created the joint venture for development of oil and gas deposits of a right bank of Amu Darya. China also has signed with Turkmenia 30 - the summer agreement on gas deliveries in volume 30 mlrd cubic m. annually since 2009. The contract also provides pipeline construction.

analysts do not exclude that the pipe to China can be filled by gas from a new deposit. G - n Vajsberg believes that statements of the president of Turkmenia can be connected with desire to underline independence of the Russian gas monopoly. According to an analyst of MDM - Andrey Gromadina`s Bank, Turkmenia involves in service works on a deposit of Chineses to diversify foreign partners. but for financing of projects she can quite address to to Gazprom - he believes. By estimations of analyst IK the Prospectus Dmitry Mangileva, the price of the licence for a deposit Southern Iolotan with stocks 7 trln cubic m is made about 800 million dollars