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The second attempt of Abyzova

MERT does not want to see its head of the commission of Russian Open Society investments EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY

Russian Open Society Management UES of Russia again has not found mutual understanding with management MERT. This time the parties have not agreed in opinion concerning a nominee on a post of the head of the commission on investment projects of power holding. The Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY has suggested to head the commission were a top - to manager Michael Abyzovu against which nominee has acted MERT. Experts believe that in the given opposition the holding has more than chances to defend the candidate.

as have explained daily in the Russian Open Society UES of Russia at session on September, 29th the power holding board of directors has considered expedient creation of the commission on investments - it is directed on increase of efficiency of an investment policy of the Russian Open Society UES of Russia . According to the source, with that end in view all investment projects of the head company and its affiliated and dependent societies, taken out on board of directors, will pass preliminary consideration and discussion on the commission. Besides, the new structure will carry out monitoring of realisation of investment projects.

to board of directors which has passed on October, 27th, shareholders should present lists of candidates. However the decision is not accepted. As have explained in the Russian Open Society, lists have been submitted literally on the eve of session. Moreover, instead of 20 candidates the list contained an order of 40 representatives of shareholders. To return to a question on the commission on investments Russian Open Society board EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY intend at correspondence session of board of directors on November, 24th.

but recently the conflict between the Russian Open Society " has started to inflame; EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY and MERT. The matter is that a place of the chairman of the commission designated were a top - to the manager of power holding Michael Abyzovu. More than a year ago he has at own will left a post of the head business - units number one Russian Open Society UES of Russia also was engaged in own business. Now Michael Abyzov heads board of directors Kuzbassrazrezuglja and Groups E4 . This year its attempt to enter into Russian Open Society board of directors EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY it has appeared unsuccessful.

except Michael Abyzova in the list of committee-men head Prosperity Capital Management Alexander Branis, zamglavy RosOeZ Maxim Bystrov, the financial director of the Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY Sergey Dubinin, the manager Interros Anton Klekovkin, the director of department Minpromenergo Vyacheslav Kravchenko, the deputy chief of department MERT Michael Kurbatov, the deputy chief of department of an estimation Rosimushchestva Vladimir Lebedinsky, zamgendirektora SUEK Sergey Mironosetsky, Danil Nikitin from Pauer management consulting the general director Russian trastovoj the companies Julia Romanenkova, the chief of department of the Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY Pavel Pustoshilov, the vice-president of group of unified social tax Sergey Ryzhov, president IndexAtlas Sergey Skatershchikov, the senior vice-president KES Denis Fedorov, the adviser of the general director Mezhregiongaz Edward Smelov and head Halcyon Advisors David Hern.

However MERT has put a veto only for Michael Abyzova`s nominee. Heading the company which serves Russian Open Society buildings EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY it is the interested person - has told daily a source in MERT. As he said, g - n Abyzov, being on a post of the head of the commission on power holding investments, can create for others inzhiniringovyh the companies discrimination conditions. Michael Abyzova`s representatives in the company Rukom (the basic shareholder 4) have underlined daily that it has received the offer to be a part of the commission from councillors of directors of the Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY : For Michael Abyzova that the commission functioned as the expert body promoting development of decisions of board of directors of the Russian Open Society " is basic; EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY . At the same time representatives g - on Abyzova have noticed that the question, whether becomes it the head of the commission, is within the competence of Russian Open Society board of directors UES of Russia .

Business - the director for the market of electric power industry AKG Development business - systems Dmitry Lubotsky believes that at MERT there are bases to oppose Michael Abyzova`s nominee. At the same time analysts believe, what exactly Michael Abyzov is the optimal nominee on this post. The chief of analytical department IK Antanta the Capital Denis Matafonov considers that Michael Abyzov - the most optimum nominee on a post of the head of the commission on investments and hardly position MERT will affect the Russian Open Society decision EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY The solving word will be for head Minpromenergo Victor Khristenko .