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Bruxelles has lost VW Golf

Volkswagen re-structures manufacture

Automobile concern of Volkswagen (VW) yesterday has informed on the intention to concentrate release in the Western Europe popular mark Golf at two factories directly in Germany. extreme as a result there is a Belgian branch VW in Bruxelles for which manufacture Golf was the core. However, except Golf here make mark Polo, however its release has begun more recently. In the near future Golf will be issued only in Saxon small town Moselle and in the main industrial territory VW - in Wolfsburg.

intentions of management VW to re-structure manufacture have caused indignation of workers of the Bruxelles factory where an overwhelming part of its workers (only 5600 persons) are occupied by release Golf. One of these days at the enterprise the protest action against inevitable reduction of workplaces has begun. The management of the automobile giant has tried to explain to Belgians that re-structuring is necessary in view of presence at concern of superfluous capacities . The representative of concern of Volkswagen Kord Drajer has declared that while there are negotiations, the final decision will be accepted not. Hence, the management of a motorcar giant like is ready to dialogue with labour collective of the Belgian enterprise.

it is no wonder that anything else, except strike, local trade unions also could not choose, as in the beginning of month from a staff - Volkswagen apartments the bad message has come: After VW will reduce number occupied on the factories in Germany, there will be begun dismissal of workers from its branches in countries of Western Europe . In Bruxelles forthcoming dismissals have apprehended as a blow below the belt . Sources in the Belgian trade union of workers declare that in branch VW in Bruxelles can reduce 2 thousand employees.

The concern should not invest additional means, directing them on decrease in the cost price of production, - the trustee of Volkswagen Rajnhard of Ship`s boys has declared. - all plans and the concepts providing continuation of release Golf in Bruxelles, are not profitable . However, he has assured that will be all variants providing preservation in Bruxelles of the maximum quantity of workplaces " are worked;. We remember the responsibility. Duration of process of re-structuring depends on a course of negotiations with labour collective of factory, but to lose time we should not it is unequivocal - has underlined g - n Ship`s boys.

according to concern VW management, re-structuring is necessary, as the automobile market in the Western Europe is already almost sated, and even the increase in export will not correct a situation . Reduction of the personnel of branches VW in the Western Europe will mention along with Bruxelles Pamplona in Spain and Palmelu in Portugal.

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