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Volkswagen has presented new kontsept Neeza

On a Chinese motor show passing in Beijing German concern of Volkswagen has presented new kontsept Neeza. It is remarkable that kontsept has been created in cooperation of the European and Shanghai divisions of Volkswagen. As a result the new automobile project has united German technologies and the Chinese philosophy which has found the reflexion in design kontsepta.

As mark in the company, despite following to traditions of both countries at creation of this car the project has own style. Under the statement of representatives of Volkswagen, kontsept applies for the right of the trailblazer in a new segment which will settle down between a compartment and versatile persons. However, as the project head autoRATING has declared daily. ru Denis Filatov, sensations have not occurred. Neeza it is possible to characterise as the representative of a class of versatile persons of the raised passableness, - speaks g - n Filatov. - The German concern simply expands the lineup .

About technical characteristics new kontsepta practically it is not known. According to some experts, for this car the same base, as well as for easy off-road car Tiguan was used. As informs portal Edmunds. com, variants of engines from 1,4 - the litre unit established in Golf GT, to the motor in volume of 3,6 l which intends for new Passat R36 now are discussed. Neeza settles down between two cars of this mark most sold in Russia, - Denis Filatov marks. - Speech, certainly, goes about Passat and Touareg . Judging by that these cars are presented in a wide complete set, both with petrol, and with diesel units, it is possible to assume with confidence, as for the future serial car two variants of engines will be offered. As to appearance kontsepta, how independent automobile expert Dmitry Panov considers, the design of the car at the expense of the brightness and originality will involve youth, rather than conservative audience more likely.

according to participants of the market, there is nothing surprising that the premiere has passed in China. Under plans of the Chinese government which intends to increase constantly autoproduction export, between 2020 and 2035 years the share of cars from Heavenly Empire will reach 10 % of all world car industry. For this reason Chineses actively co-operate with large automobile corporations. As informs Edmunds. com, it is primary Neeza has been intended first of all for constantly growing Chinese market, but the German concern now discusses prospects of its conclusion to the markets of Europe and America. the presentation kontsepta in Beijing is a successful marketing course, - has told daily g - n Sirs. - Unequivocally that Neeza it will be attractive not only for Chinese, but also to other markets . The brand agrees With this opinion - the manager of Volkswagen of the official dealer of Volkswagen RUS - LAN Julia Ovchinnikova. Certainly, the novelty will cause huge interest of the Russian consumers, - she speaks daily, - as in a modelling number of Volkswagen while there is no similar car .

It is remarkable that the ruler of the German company constantly extends. In due time a lot of noise was caused by occurrence of first off-road car Touareg. Critical statements basically were reduced to that the first pancake always leaves a clod. However results of sales have appeared stunning: on popularity in the Russian market it nenamnogo concedes to the leader of sales Passat B5. Successful conclusion Touareg has pushed the company to accelerate plans on lineup expansion. In 2008 will start to let out easy off-road car Tiguan which also becomes Volkswagen premiere in a segment new to the company.

as Denis Filatov considers, to creation kontsepta the corporation was pushed by success Allroad which is issued by the company of Audi also entering into group of Volkswagen AG. In its opinion, presumable cost Neeza will begin from 40 thousand dollars the Basic competitors for Neeza become Subaru Outback and Volvo XC70 - marks g - n Filatov. The prices for them begin from 40 240 and 43 900 dollars accordingly. the novelty, certainly, can involve the Russian buyers, but to become the leader in a segment of versatile persons of the raised passableness at Neeza it is not enough chances - Dmitry Panov summarises.