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Russians have believed in a mortgage

Credits for habitation become more popular

Mortgage loans began to use bolshej popularity at Russians. According to Bank of Russia, for a year the share of rouble mortgage loans from total amount of the loans which have been given out on purchase of habitation, has increased with 23 to 52 %, a share of currency credits - with 56,4 to 77,3 %. Experts connect this growth with increase in number of players in the mortgage market and the amplified demand of citizens to mortgage loans.

According to the report of Bank of Russia, by data for October, 1st, 2006, debts total amount under the credits given by banks to the population in roubles, has grown for a year on 87 %, with 725 mlrd to 1,357 trln rbl., and the debts volume under currency credits has increased by 95 %, with 139,7 mlrd to 272,6 mlrd rbl. During the current year volume of the credits which have been given out to the population in roubles on purchase of habitation, has made 166 mlrd rbl. (Growth of 166 %), and volume of the credits which have been given out in foreign currency to citizens on purchase of habitation, - 95,9 mlrd rbl. (growth of 160 %).

Thus the share actually mortgage loans in total amount of the given out credits for habitation also increases. So, for a year the mortgage share in total amount of rouble credits has grown with 23 to 52 %, and a share of a currency mortgage - with 56 to 77 %. the Mortgage loan is a classical credit for habitation acquisition. Also there is nothing surprising that it becomes the most popular in the population, - Oleg Skvortsov tells zampredpravlenija the Absolute of bank. - lately mortgage lending, therefore a share of mortgage loans in total amount of the given out consumer credits began to develop commercial banks has raised. I think, the next two years the mortgage loan will be the credit number one on volumes and popularity at the population .

Participants of the market believe that interest to mortgage loans has raised and at the expense of change of conditions on them. For last year requirements to potential borrowers were softened: rates on mortgage loans have gone down, terms of crediting with 20 till 27 years " have increased; - the adviser of the chairman of the board Odds - Bank Valery Kalinin believes. Some bankers notice that for increase of demand of citizens on mortgage loans some banks have cancelled an initial payment on them. As spring of current year with such action the Bank of Moscow has acted, a bit later the same programs have declared VTB 24 and the Absolute Bank. with law introduction About share building crediting at a building stage where there is no real estate pledge that became the additional factor of increase in a share of mortgage loans " was rather slowed down; - the senior vice-president VTB Andrey Suchkov speaks.