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The stock market masters real estate

the Turn of the exchange auctions under shares ZPIF the volume of transactions on the stock exchange with shares of fund of real estate " is comparable to volume of the auctions under federal loan bond

By November, 21st, 2006; Hey Dzhi Capital INTERRA has exceeded 1,4 mlrd rbl. from the beginning of year. According to general director UK Hey Dzhi Esset Management Sergey Pavlova, it has occurred owing to the spent crushing of shares and increase in their availability. The outlined tendencies show possibilities of growth of exchange turns on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange to 300 million rbl. a month already in the near future. Experts consider that it is quite real.

a total volume of transactions on the stock exchange from the beginning of 2006 with investment shares ZPIF of real estate Hey Dzhi Capital INTERRA under control of UK Hey Dzhi Esset Management has established a record in the market of the exchange auctions by shares of funds of real estate, having exceeded in November 1,4 mlrd rbl.

In the secondary market trade in shares Hey Dzhi Capital INTERRA has been started in October of last year in the classical market of RTS. In May - June, 2006 at RTS stock exchange the placing of again let out shares first in Russia has taken place. The auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange have begun more recently - on September, 7th. Fund shares Hey Dzhi Capital INTERRA are included in kotirovalnyj list 2 at both stock exchanges.

interest to fund shares supports also growth of exchange cost of shares. For example, growth on RTS from the beginning of year has exceeded 50 % that in annual expression makes 60 %. Thus on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange for September - October has passed volume of transactions for 400 million rbl. in a mode of the basic auctions. For October in comparison with September the gain total amount has made 200 million rbl. (7,5 million dollars) .

so significant rates of increase in many respects speak the crushing of shares spent in August Hey Dzhi Capital INTERRA with factor 1:100 000 therefore the price of one share makes about dollar, - Sergey Pavlov has told daily. Is has made fund shares accessible to investments of the mass investor. In our opinion, it corresponds to idea of collective investments - any interested person, irrespective of the sum of investments, can put up money in the Russian real estate .

Besides spent in August splita, the considerable share of success of the new tool belongs a market - to makers. among our shareholders on a volume fraction professional investors now prevail, - general director UK " underlines; Hey Dzhi Esset Management . Is not only funds, but also commercial banks, and broker houses. And they not less ours are interested in increase of liquidity and in success of the new tool in stock market. We will continue to work with them. As to volumes of the auctions we do not expect their sharp growth in the near future. Shares of fund of real estate, unlike actions, are not subject to short-term fluctuations, and volatilnost such actives is rather low and seldom exceeds 4 - 6 % a month. Therefore we do not assume that in our shares speculators, probably will actively trade, in volume of transactions the investment transactions made for the purpose of reception of the income in sredne - and long-term prospect will prevail. If the volume of the auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange by March reaches level 350 - 400 million rbl. a month, for us it will be the big success. Though taking into account RPS the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and the classical market of RTS this sum can increase twice - three times .

However and already reached volumes of the auctions by shares independent analysts have estimated rather positively. it is very powerful result - the director of department of management of actives IK " has told daily; the WHALE of Finans Vladimir Tsuprov. Thus, according to certificated by the Russian guild of realtors of an analyst of real estate of Andrey Beketov to speak about reduction of prices on new buildings it is not necessary, and on this background fund shares too will rise in price actively, and with them to grow and turns of the auctions. now power and communication capacities of the country are on a limit, - Andrey Beketov has told daily. - for building of new objects additional investments be required, they can be quite shifted on shoulders of potential buyers of objects of real estate which will automatically grow in the price. Though obvious stagnation of the market after which some correction is possible is now observed, but it will not exceed 10 %, and after it there will be a new growth. Therefore target indicators on a turn of the auctions the company can quite reach .

Thus the company considers that the further popularisation of shares of fund of real estate as exchange tool is necessary. In that, propagandising our security, it is necessary to advance complexity simultaneously and idea of the market of shares of funds of real estate as segment of stock market of the Russian Federation. This idea is too new and unusual to the Russian investors for the present, - Sergey Pavlov has summed up. - for example, institutional investors buy papers of those companies which are recommended by analysts of the broker companies. Therefore in the future we intend to work with known broker houses that under fund shares the regular analytical researches, the objective investors objective and independent recommendations necessary for acceptance of investment decisions " were conducted;.

According to Andrey Beketov, recession which was observed from May till July in stock market, in the real estate market was not. then there was a delay of rates of increase of the prices, but recession was not observed, and to expect it in the future, probably, it is not necessary, for this purpose the real estate market not such jet - underlines g - n Beketov.