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Against immigrants and pedophiles

Dutches were satiated freedom

Yesterday in the Netherlands have passed elections in the second chamber of General states - country parliament. According to observers, elections will not bring sweeping changes in political life of the country. So, scandalous party of pedophiles Mercy, freedom and a variety (PNVD) it was not possible to get to parliament. Apparently, the next coalition government which will be headed by the former prime minister - minister Jan Peter Balkenende will be created. It is thus marked popravenie preferences of voters.

19 political parties participated in elections. Representatives of the party of pedophiles PNVD officially resolved and registered of the political organisation have not got to the list of candidates. PNVD, based in May, 2006, supports decrease with 16 till 12 years of age at which it is possible to enter sexual relations, legalisation of a children`s pornography and zoofilii. However, pedophiles did not manage to participate in democratic procedure only because given party which immediately would forbid in any other country, it was not possible to collect necessary quantity of signatures.

the basic struggle was developed between parties in power Hristiansko - a democratic appeal (HDP) present the prime minister - the minister of the country Yana Petera Balkenende and People party for freedom and democracy (NPSD), and also work opposition party (sotsial - democrats). Judging by results of polls, HDP can receive in parliament about 43 places from 150 (before it had 44 places). The situation develops so that parties in power (HDP and NPSD), the left oppositional cannot receive overwhelming majority in parliament. As a result Holland the new coalition government led by the present prime minister and HDP waits. the Economic course taken by Balkenende, will be continued, and here, whether there is a given course more reserved, or it will be and to expand further, just and depends on a coalition created in parliament - the expert of the Netherlands centre of research of economic policy in the Hague George Gelauff has told daily.

Jan Peter Balkenende is today almost the national hero of the country: it managed to overcome economic stagnation. Balkenende it was necessary to go on salary reduction, to spend a number of changes in system of social security and unemployment benefits. This year economic growth of Holland is predicted at level of 3 %, and inflation in the country in October of this year has fallen to record for last 17 years of level - 0,9 %.

At the same time the immigration policy of Balkenende promises to become more rigid. Present early election has been spent because of disagreements in ruling coalition concerning illegal immigration. The coalition left party Democrats - 66 which insisted on resignation of the minister of affairs of immigration of Rita Verdonk. The minister has deprived of citizenship of the Netherlands of the deputy of parliament Ajan Hirsi Ali as that has given false information at the reference behind the status of the refugee in 1992. Jan Peter Balkenende has refused to meet Democrats - 66. This week it became known that the country parliament is going to enter an interdiction for carrying of a Muslim veil in public places.