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ZPIF for partners

the company " creates; Inteko “

the Company “ Inteko “ has started formation of the first fund of real estate “ Kontinental an apartment “. ZPIF with actives in 1,1 mlrd the rbl. will be under control of UK “ the Investment “ which head is the financial adviser “ Inteko “ Alexey Chalenko. Fund strategy is not defined yet, the ­ partner companies " become its basic participants­; Inteko “.

As Alexey Chalenko has told daily, fund “ Kontinental an apartment “ becomes the first fund of real estate in a ruler of PIFS under control of UK “ the Investment “ “ it is the market fund calculated on developer projects of the companies - corporation partners “ Inteko “. To name the future shareholders of fund g - n Chalenko has refused, having specified that it is a question first of all of projects in a housing construction segment.

However, as has declared operating fund “ Kontinental an apartment “ Vladimir Vethov­, definitive strategy of fund will be confirmed only through two - three weeks on investment committee “ Inteko “: “ We are ready to offer clients the wide list of products from investments in habitation and commercial real estate in regions to the developer projects connected with acquisition of the ground areas and individual share in building “.

the Initial volume of fund will make 1,1 mlrd rbl. that will allow the company “ the Investment “ to increase a total portfolio of funds in management to 3,6 mlrd rbl. Now under control of the company two interval funds of actions “ INT - the First fund of actions “ with SCHA 2,51 mlrd rbl. and “ INT - the Second fund of actions “ which formation Alexey Chalenko`s command will start in the nearest future. As has told g - n Chalenko, the company “ the Investment “ It will be renamed in UK “ the Alliance kontinental “ also will concentrate under management all market funds. After company renaming both fund also will replace names with the PIF “ Kontinental the TOP - 20 “ and the PIF “ Kontinental the TOP - 100 “. The former managers FK " will operate new funds; Uralsib “ Alexey Lepsky and Evgenie Shitjashin.

According to Alexey Chalenko, by the end of the year actives only ZPIFa “ Kontinental an apartment “ should grow to 7 mlrd rbl. In “ Inteko “ expect to involve large private investors with actives not less than 1 million rbl. “ an input Threshold in funds “ the Alliance kontinental “ will be less, but will participate in them to shareholders, say, from 10 thousand rbl. inefficiently “ - has explained yesterday g - n Chalenko.