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RSPP will debug bank supervision

Alexander Murychev knows, how to make it

Tomorrow bank commission RSPP at the private meeting will discuss offers of co-chairman Alexander Murycheva on reforming of bank supervision. The head of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev is invited to action also. G - n Murychev has told daily about the offers which he intends to publish on Friday. They represent alternative to the offer of the chairman of bank committee of the State Duma of Vladislav Reznika to withdraw bank supervision from the Central Bank.

so, the first executive vice-president RSPP Alexander Murychev suggests to enter into committee of bank supervision (KBN) Bank of Russia of representatives FSFR, FSFM and Agencies on insurance of contributions (ASV). Thus ru - kovoditel committee, on an idea g - on Murycheva, on representation of the head of the Central Bank will affirm the State Duma. Now such procedure is used only at appointment of councillors of directors of Bank of Russia. Alexander Murychev also suggests to assign functions of bank supervision exclusively to those employees of the Central Bank who are not occupied by working out of the statutory acts regulating activity credit organisation. it is necessary to exclude the conflict of interests, - has told g - n Murychev. - Now the same people supervise behind banks and decide their destiny .

Bank community already more than month discusses expediency of withdrawal at the Central Bank of functions of bank supervision. The beginning to it was put by the parliamentary hearings which have passed in February on which the chairman of bank committee of the State Duma Vladislav Reznik has declared that carrying out of a supervising policy is necessary for entrusting to body of supervision which is organizational separated from Bank of Russia . The majority of participants of pairs - lamentskih hearings have not supported the radical measures offered g - nom Reznikom, however were not against reforming of system of bank supervision.

I also the opponent of now to consider a question of allocation of supervision from walls of the Central bank, - Alexander Murychev has declared at those hearings. - Who will work in new department what there will be payment? It is necessary to concentrate on closer interaction of bank community and a regulator .

According to the source daily in the Central Bank, on Neglinnoj initiatives RSPP are known and they are now studied along with other offers on perfection of bank supervision. in all these offers there are pluses and minuses, and all variants will not be analysed yet, from the Central Bank it is not necessary to wait for any unambiguous answers - has underlined a source daily in the Central Bank.

In FSFR daily also have told that on regulation of bank supervision the service considers all offers in a complex with questions on perfection of own organizational structure. The source daily in the government has explained that FSFR in turn prepares the offer on creation at itself joint body into which besides head FSFR Oleg Vjugin and it zames - titelej representatives of the Central Bank, MERT and the Ministry of Finance will be entered. And as, according to the source, FSFR begins to lobby creation of the joint body, the service will not be interested in that its representatives have entered in KBN Bank of Russia.

according to the president of bank the Russian financial corporation Andrey Nechaeva, certainly, coordination between the Central Bank and FSFR should be closer, as banks as professional participants of a securities market, are between two fires. In this connection not always requirements of the Central Bank and FSFR in relation to banks are co-ordinated. Possibility to enter representatives FSFR in KBN is a search of the compromise . According to the group economist of Alpha bank of Natalia Orlovoj, offer RSPP are optimum, thus she notices that withdrawal at the Central Bank of supervising functions is an adverse succession of events .