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The Savings Bank has ended reception

on turn VTB

Yesterday has expired term of payment of demands for the actions of the Savings Bank placed in frameworks dopemissii.

In bank ­ placing results yet have not brought, but as inform banks - the organizers, all demands submitted through them, have been paid. Participants of the market do not exclude that some investors will be in actions of the Savings Bank prior to the beginning of placing of actions of other bank - VTB.

Earlier shareholders of the Savings Bank, having used the right of priority, have redeemed 46,96 % dopemissii­, having paid 146,27 mlrd rbl. (5,58 mlrd dollars) . In total operating shareholders have paid 99 % from the submitted demands: they have redeemed 1 643 489 actions. The basic shareholder - Bank of Russia - has got 892 601 action for the sum 79,4 mlrd rbl. of All the Savings Bank has the right to place 3,5 million ordinary actions.

on acquisition of actions of the Savings Bank to the investors who are not possessing the right of priority, it has been given two weeks: from March, 8 till March, 21st inclusive, as much, how many and to shareholders for realisation of their right of priority. As has informed daily a source close to placing, the investors submitting the demands for purchase of actions of the Savings Bank through banks - organizers JP Morgan and Credit Suisse, have completely paid them. Under the information daily, demands for the sum from 50 to 200 million dollars on purchase of actions of the Savings Bank submitted such funds, as GLG, DWS, Ashmore and Charlemagne.

the Maximum volume of the means, which Savings Bank can receive from investors out of the right of priority, is estimated in 106 mlrd rbl. In total in frameworks dopemissii the Savings Bank, according to its president Andrey Kazmin, can involve 252 mlrd rbl. under condition of payment by all investors of the demand for purchase of actions. Adjusted totals SPO will be brought till the end of March.

yesterday in the Savings Bank could not comment on process of payment by investors of actions during placing. However, it it is no wonder, after all by tradition it is done by Andrey Kazmin, and it is now in business trip. The vice-president of the Savings Bank Bell Zlatkis yesterday it was inaccessible to comments.

“ I think, all investors have paid the demands and the Savings Bank has involved so much, how many wanted, because the declared price of the repayment of actions of bank was below market “ - the analyst of YOKES " believes; Aton “ Rustam Botashev. From the point of view of market conditions, participants of the market, the investors taking shares of the Savings Bank consider, there were now in more successful position, than the shareholders who have realised the right of priority. The matter is that the last had to be fidgety a little as during this period in the market the price of actions of the Savings Bank fell below the placing price: so, for example, on March, 5th this year it made 85 thousand rbl. for the action.

now a situation a bit different. “ all last days Savings Bank stock quotes remained at the same level, within 90 thousand rbl., - analyst GK " speaks; Region “ Konstantin Guljaev. - demand for Savings Bank actions was low because all those who wanted to buy them, have made it during placing dopemissii “.

Experts believe that in the near future the price of actions of bank remains at former level. “ we do not expect that there will be a considerable growth under these actions. It, to put it mildly, is limited, - the operating director for trade in MDM actions - Bank Derrik Perlin speaks. - In these papers it is possible “ to sit “ Before placing VTB when the part of investors will be shifted most likely in action VTB for a diversification of risks. Most likely by this moment support from the emitter will be already settled, and is quite possible that Savings Bank actions will fall below 89 thousand rbl. then mass dump of actions " will begin;.