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About expenses - after elections

KS has resolved to communists plebiscite

the Constitutional court (KS) has considered the complaint of Communist Party and has decided that on a referendum it is possible to take out the questions demanding additional expenses from the state budget. But provided that it will be not current budget, and future. Moreover, the court has reserved last word in the decision of the questions at issue connected with national will, having selected this right at the Supreme court. Communists have already declared that will spend plebiscite in July of the next year.

Authors of the complaint in KS believe that the operating interdiction to take out on a referendum the questions connected with budgetary financing, breaks their constitutional laws and gives up as a bad job any attempt to discuss any problem by means of national will. The Communist Party tried to hold referenda twice. In 2002 it has taken out for national discussion questions on private property cancellation on the earth, about the size of the minimum salaries and pensions. Attempt has failed.

In the beginning of 2005 communists have expressed again desire to ask opinion of the people. The initiative group has shown to the Central Electoral Commission (Central Electoral Committee) of 17 what were supposed to be taken out subsequently on plebiscite, in particular questions on equalising of the minimum wage rate with a living wage, about earth nationalisation, about an establishment of fee of housing and communal services at the level which is not exceeding 10 % of the cumulative income of a family of the employer, about introduction of progressive surtax on oligarchs.

but the Central Electoral Committees, and subsequently and the Supreme court recognised as lawful only two questions. As a result communists have refused the invention, but have complained in KS. In the beginning of February KS has considered the petition of red leaders. And this procedure was accompanied by requests of representatives of state bodies in court to remove the complaint from consideration supposedly the Communist Party of the Russian Federation uses court in political ends.

yesterday judges recognised as corresponding to the Constitution an interdiction for referendum carrying out on the questions connected with revision of account obligations of the current budget. At the same time they have explained that the law on a referendum does not forbid to take out on it the questions demanding account obligations of the yet not accepted budget.

as one of authors of the reference in KS the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vadim Solovev has informed daily, communists intend to initiate referendum carrying out in June-July of the next year, after summarising of presidential election. On the same to 17 questions. But considering that the present budget three-year to use its fruits it will be possible not earlier than 2010.

according to a member of the Central Electoral Committee of Elena Dubrovinoj, in yesterday`s decision KS also recognised the Central Electoral Commission right to spend primary check Constitutionalities of questions taken out on plebiscite . Thus KS has left last word in disputes not behind the Supreme court as it is accepted now, and behind itself. And in this part one more innovation is entered. now only the president has a right to address in KS on the questions which are taken out on a referendum, - adviser KS Tamara Morshchakova explains. - Now the federal legislator should give such right and to citizens .