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The West has broken up

EU against the ABM

Yesterday the federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel publicly has spoken against placing of elements of the ABM of the USA in Poland and Czechia. In its opinion, the bilateral agreements concluded by the East Europe EU member states from the USA, threaten with new split in uniform Europe. Germany since January presides in EU; so it is possible to consider the statement of the chancellor as official opinion of the European Union not concordant with placing in territory of Europe of the American rockets.

on Friday, being in Warsaw, Angela Merkel tried to explain to the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski that questions on placing of new arms it is necessary to solve jointly, in the conditions of mutual trust, trying to avoid divergences . On Monday head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank Walter Shtajnmajer, the Supreme representative of EU on foreign policy Javier Solana and eurocommissioner Benita Ferrero - Valdner have taken off for Washington to discuss with US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice a problem of placing of the American ABM in Poland and Czechia. the new antimissile system should not become an occasion to expansion in Europe new race of arms - has declared g - n Shtajnmajer before a departure.

However negotiations in Washington have ended with anything: g - zha Rice insisted that today, when the main threat proceeds not from massed, and from the limited nuclear attacks, for example from territory of Iran, low power system become the serious stabilising factor . Angela Merkel has made decision to deduce a problem in a public plane. the question on placing of systems of the ABM and Czechia should pass discussion in Poland and to be co-ordinated in the NATO and the European Union - has declared the chancellor in interview to newspaper Rheinische Post. Separate bilateral agreements of EU member states with the third countries, in opinion g - zhi Merkel, promote only to dissociation of Europe and, as consequence, its easing on international scene .

the Head of the Moscow branch of Berlin Fund Fridriha of Nauman Folk Bonsdorf has declared daily that split in the European Union becomes ripe for a long time and the present conflict has simply deduced it outside: EU Management does not need to be surprised that in the Eastern Europe are inclined to rely more on Washington, than to Berlin and Bruxelles. Poles and Czechs feel that the European Union is ready to leave them in private with Moscow as it happens, for example, after an interdiction for import to Russia of meat from Poland . However, from America in this direction they too yet did not receive any appreciable help. Washington, seemingly, wants to return the status - kvo times of cold war when Europe clamped between two nuclear boards could not realise the real potential and to become the high-grade player on the world scene.